Will India Get Pro Crypto Finance Minister Post Elections?

As India is witnessing a tightly contested race for its general elections, there is an eerie calm prevailing in the crypto community which has largely been disappointed with the government’s stance on regulations. India has one of the highest taxation slab at 30% against any gains on the transfer of cryptocurrencies.

As the vote counting process is going on for Indian general elections 2024 on Tuesday, there is a neck to neck competition between incumbent PM Narendra Modi led government and an alliance of opposition parties known as I.N.D.I.A.

There are chances that the next government in power in India could be an alliance of several coalition parties, irrespective of whether PM Modi remains as incumbent prime minister. In that scenario, India’s next finance minister is going to be a different face than the current minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Indian Finance Minister Sitharaman has been facing criticism from crypto investors in India due to her views on cryptocurrencies, especially the high taxation on it. 

Sitharaman has been quite vocal about her views on crypto as during a recent India Today Conclave 2024, she declared that crypto assets could not be recognized as legal currencies. She reiterated that the government has always been explicit about this, leaving investors who were anticipating more lenient regulations disappointed.

Previously, Sitharaman introduced a 30% tax on income from cryptocurrencies. She clarified that this policy was intended to monitor their source rather than legitimise them, which has negatively impacted investor sentiment. Many were hoping for a more favourable tax regime given pro pro-business stance of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Sitharaman has pointed out that cryptocurrencies are still unregulated in India. Although they can be used as assets for trading and investments, they are not accepted as official currencies or investment product. This regulatory ambiguity has caused uncertainty for both investors and crypto-based businesses. The Finance Minister voiced worries regarding international payments and the potential misuse of unregulated cryptocurrencies. She stressed the complications arising when some countries regulate cryptocurrencies while others do not, potentially leading to money laundering, round-tripping, and even financing of illegal activities like terrorism.

The general lack of clear guidelines and the prevailing regulatory uncertainty have left crypto investors frustrated. They are calling for more transparent policies and a regulatory environment that supports the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

These are the reasons why crypto lovers want to see a new Finance minister in the upcoming tenure of the NDA or I.N.D.I.A led government. No crypto lover wants to see crypto as a legal tender in the country soon. All they need is a clear and favourable policy in the country, so they can enjoy the perks of crypto like all other countries.

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