us california super volcano: Super volcano in US to ‘engulf’ California? What we know so far

Citizens and researchers are scared about the possibility of a possible eruption of a super volcano in the state of California, which has been dormant for almost 760,000 years, according to reports. A volcano by the name of Long Valley Caldera, based in California, is currently dormant but experts believe that it has a chance of eruption in the near future and the effects of it can be catastrophic, according to a report by The Mirror.The Long Valley Caldera is approximately 20 miles long and 11 miles wide, not mentioning the fact that it is almost 3,000 feet deep. In the case that it erupts, the enormous size of this volcano may be a huge concern for the citizens of California, according to volcanologists studying this massive volcano.

Moreover, researchers believe that the damage from this volcano will extremely tough to mitigate and crisis management will be almost next to impossible in the case of it’s eruption.

According to The Mirror, the decade of 1970 and 1980 saw a significant increase in seismic activity in the Californian region, including earthquakes. This irked the interest of scientists who wished to study the region and the trend has been continuing till this day. One more interesting factor is the rise in the ground level of the region, which may be due to the buildup of magma in the area near the dormant volcano.


Q1. What is a dormant volcano?
A dormant volcano is a phenomenon wherein a previously active volcano, which erupted beforehand, is now non-active for several years, deeming it dormant by nature.

Q2. What is the name of a dormant volcano in California?
The Long Valley Caldera is one of the super volcanoes in California, which has not erupted in thousands of years, but according to recent years, may have a chance of erupting in the near future.

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