Trump’s Crypto Portfolio Rebounds With $1M Weekly Profit: Which ‘Crazy New Currencies’ Does He Hold?

Donald Trump’s investment portfolio has witnessed a substantial uptick, recording a gain of over $1 million over the past week.

What Happened: As of April 24, Trump’s total holdings are valued at approximately $6.45 million, reflecting a notable rise from the $5.36 million reported just a week earlier on April 17, according to data from Arkham Intelligence.


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The top five cryptocurrencies in Trump’s portfolio and their respective values are as follows:

  • TRUMP: Trump holds 579,290 MAGA Memecoin (CRYPTO: TRUMP) tokens, valued at $3.42 million, with each token worth around $5.90 at the time of writing.
  • Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH): Trump’s wallet contains 418.655 ether, valued at $1.33 million.
  • WETH (CRYPTO: WETH): Trump possesses 374.5 WETH tokens, worth $1.19 million.
  • BABYTRUMP (BABYTRUMP): Trump’s holdings include 950,000 tokens, worth $29.84K.
  • Polygon (CRYPTO: MATIC): The portfolio also holds 5.250 MATIC tokens, worth $3.770.

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Why It Matters: Trump began accumulating cryptocurrency in late 2022 through the sale of Trump-themed non-fungible tokens, earning him substantial amounts of ETH.

A market downturn caused Trump’s portfolio to go down over $2.5 million from its peak, prompting speculation about whether he would sell his position.

However, the former President has notably softened his previously crypto-skeptic stance, saying he is making money from these “crazy new currencies.”

What’s Next: The case of Trump’s crypto holdings underscores the broader implications of celebrity endorsements in cryptocurrency markets.

This development comes at a time when the digital assets landscape is gaining more institutional acceptance, as evidenced by discussions at upcoming events like Benzinga’s Future of Digital Assets on Nov. 19.

Such forums are critical for understanding the trajectory of cryptocurrencies as they increasingly intersect with mainstream financial systems and cultural phenomena.

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