Top 39 Instagram Crypto Influencers to Follow

With how complex it is to explain how cryptocurrency works, finding the right people to enlighten you on the topic can be daunting. Fortunately, the rise of influencer marketing and the creator economy gives way to connecting seasoned crypto investors with anyone interested in cryptocurrency. Social media platform Instagram is the go-to website of influencers—yes, even the Instagram crypto influencers—due to its visual nature and streamlined algorithm to fit the needs of those dabbling in influencer marketing.


We DO NOT ENDORSE any of the influencers in the list below. BEWARE of crypto scams and do your own research.

Verified using NeoReach and Tensor data, these Crypto and NFT influencers rank highest on Instagram for their follower count, engagement, and exposure.

Top 39 Instagram Crypto Influencers to Follow:

What Is a Crypto Influencer?

The rising interest in cryptocurrency, coupled with the power of social media, paved the way for crypto influencers to share regular accounts of the crypto market. A crypto influencer can be anyone with years of experience investing in cryptocurrency, posting content relevant to crypto and the decentralized economy to inform and educate other people on the Internet.

Crypto influencers play a vital role in bringing cryptocurrency and other related phenomena, such as blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse, to the forefront. They publish content on various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach their target audience and spread the word on cryptocurrency.

Crypto influencers discuss weekly trends, their latest investments, and predictions on the future state of crypto marketing. However, an influencer’s forecast can go wrong, especially with how volatile the digital economy is. As a consumer of content, it’s important to take a crypto trader’s advice with a grain of salt. 

39 Must-Follow Instagram Crypto Influencers 

We DO NOT ENDORSE any of the influencers in the list below.

BEWARE of crypto scams and do your own research.

Number of Followers: 2,900,000
Engagement Rate: 0.57%

The author of the best-selling finance book Rich Dad, Poor Dad couldn’t resist the allure of crypto investing. In early 2020, renowned personality Robert Kiyosaki became an advocate for decentralized finance. Kiyosaki’s success in writing for finance and wealth encourages his followers to explore the endless opportunities of cryptocurrency. 

Kiyosaki shares rich and meaningful video content on Instagram, educating people about the significance of investing in crypto. From time to time, he would share inspirational quotes and phrases.

Apart from crypto, Kiyosaki also gives quick tips and tricks in building your wealth through adequate saving and making the most out of your investment portfolio.

Number of Followers: 659,100
Engagement Rate: 0.08%

CryptoExplorer is another Instagram account run by an anonymous team of crypto enthusiasts. With engaging media and a range of topics concerning the growth of cryptocurrency, CryptoExplorer easily gained an audience of over 642,000 followers. Their account is a gold mine of insights on stocks, market value, and NFTs.

Number of Followers: 562,000
Engagement Rate: 0.51%

Looking for a community with an abundance of resources on cryptocurrency? Cryptonary is a team dedicated to keeping you updated on crypto, the metaverse, and the NFT marketplace.

Cryptonary is among the most trusted sources of the latest news and trends across social media. On Instagram, Cryptonary amasses half a million followers. Their content ranges from entertaining memes to concise breakdowns on the various topics related to cryptocurrency, such as weekly market trends, metaverse development, and NFT minting.

Number of Followers: 474,600
Engagement Rate: 0.18%

Ben Armstrong, popularly known as BitBoy Crypto, is a crypto enthusiast with a huge following on Instagram. The content creator is dedicated to imparting cryptocurrency news and updates in videos, be it on Instagram as vertical videos or on YouTube. Ben is among the most trusted figures in cryptocurrency trading, having been acquainted with crypto since 2011. He provides insightful advice on Bitcoin and Ethereum, discussing the pros, cons, and the government’s stance against a decentralized economy. 

Aside from spurring discussion with videos, Ben is fond of sharing memes on Instagram. Memes are powerful content to attract audiences, especially the younger generation.

Number of Followers: 441,600
Engagement Rate: 4.51%

If you clicked on this article hoping to stumble upon a social media influencer turned crypto/NFT trader, we have just the perfect personality for you: Irene Zhao. Zhao is easily one of the most influential Internet celebrities in Singapore. Her content mainly revolves around fashion, fitness, and vlogging. 

In her curiosity about monetizing the digital space, Zhao sought to work on her very own NFT collection. Zhao has always been exposed to investments and emerging technologies due to her finance job outside of influencer marketing. This further emphasizes her desire to make a profit out of her presence on social media. 

Zhao dropped her first-ever NFT collection, ‘IreneDAO’, featuring pictures of herself and popular lines in the crypto market. Buyers of IreneDAO NFTs include Mike Novogratz and YouTube sensation Logan Paul.

Zhao is among countless celebrities to have launched their NFT collection. After the successful launch, Zhao is looking forward to producing a blockchain-based platform for online creators to be properly compensated. Zhao’s success is a testament to the power of influencer marketing, gaining traction and reaping profitable results from start to finish.

Number of Followers: 421,500
Engagement Rate: 0.25%

ShareCrypto is one of the longest-running accounts for cryptocurrency and other related news since 2016. For anyone who wants to get the latest scoop on the market, ShareCrypto is a must-follow with the diversity of news articles they highlight. They also keep an eye on the international crypto space, such as bans, major coin transfers, and the stance of the different governments.

Number of Followers: 406,000
Engagement Rate: 1.03%

FinTech entrepreneur Armando Juan Pantoja, better known by his user handle tallguytycoon, is a revered expert in cryptocurrency and finance. With a background in software engineering, Pantoja holds indispensable knowledge on optimizing blockchain-based technology. 

Pantoja’s Instagram feed is a holy grail for crypto traders who are just getting started. He shares video clips explaining headliner news in the crypto market. Pantoja also shares motivational quotes to inspire people in their crypto trading endeavors. Finally, Pantoja values education above all. He hosts exclusive masterclasses to motivate students and transform crypto newbies into financially literate and flexible investors.

Number of Followers: 261,300
Engagement Rate: 0.52%

Coingrams catches the attention of crypto enthusiasts with a fair balance of crypto market highlights and memes. As a crypto trading service, Coingrams keeps their followers up-to-date with the latest major brand acquisitions, price drops, and utilities of cryptocurrency amid the evolving nature of the Internet.

Number of Followers: 246,100
Engagement Rate: 0.77%

CryptoPunks is an Instagram account filled with NFT art. Most notably, NFT art that sold well on the marketplace. The growing market for NFTs caused a significant increase in individuals looking to invest in cryptocurrency and become one of the proud owners of a limited NFT collectible. CryptoPunks shares new NFT releases on Instagram to gain traction from followers and build hype. 

According to data collected by NeoReach of the top Crypto collections on OpenSea, CryptoPunks ranks the second highest in price performance and the highest in overall volume on the platform. While the Instagram account is unofficial, it highlights the cult popularity and influence of these digital art pieces.  

Number of Followers: 213,400
Engagement Rate: 1.26%

Matthias Mende is among Dubai’s top crypto influencers, with over 215,000 followers on Instagram and a diverse portfolio in crypto trading and social media marketing. The entrepreneur is no stranger to influencer marketing, as he himself led a social media agency called MEMMOS in 2011.

His venture into crypto marketing began with Block Gemini, serving as Chief Strategic Officer at the blockchain firm development firm from 2018 to 2021. Mende’s interest in crypto deepened, launching his own celebrity marketing and blockchain platform, Bonuz. On Instagram, Mende shares his witty takes on inspirational quotes and explainer video clips about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Number of Followers: 273,100

The Metaverse Mentors are crypto enthusiasts working together to provide eye-catching graphics on news and educational material about the future of the Internet and finance. They share significant highlights and jaw-dropping features of crypto investments and metaverse development.

Number of Followers: 163,400
Engagement Rate: 1.35%

Christopher Jaszczynski is the co-founder of MMCrypto, a leading community of crypto traders. Chris mentors people on crypto investments on the MMCrypto official YouTube channel, where he shares tutorials and market trends analysis. He also taps other crypto experts to share their advice on the best tokens, trading habits, and the like.

Number of Followers: 15,900
Engagement Rate: 0.87%

Widely known for his ‘The Pomp Letter’ and self-hosted podcast, ‘The Pomp Podcast’, Anthony Pompliano is a great crypto influencer to look up to and guide you in your crypto investing journey. Pompliano used to work for Facebook as a product manager. Today, he manages an investment portfolio worth over $500 million.

Pompliano discusses economics, the stock market, and decentralized finance on Instagram. He shares screenshots of his tweets and engaging video clips where he analyzes the latest price of Bitcoin on the market.

Number of Followers: 84,600
Engagement Rate: 0.58%

Whilst run anonymously, CryptoHumor has been an influential figure in spreading the word about Bitcoin and crypto mining. The Instagram account is dedicated to sharing memes on the latest market trends and trader activity in the crypto space. 

With the ingenious use of memes, CryptoHumor makes it possible for cryptocurrency to reach and entertain the general public. They also share educational resources to help new investors master the art of buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency.

Number of Followers: 79,700
Engagement Rate: 4.00%

MicroStrategy co-founder Michael Saylor is relatively new to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but has well made his way to become an emerging crypto influencer across social media. During the height of lockdown back in March 2020, Michael joined in the foray of crypto trading. Not long after, he would trigger an uptrend of prices and a confident buying spree. 

Saylor and MicroStrategy began to convert their wealth reserves into Bitcoin, striking hope among Bitcoin traders. However, no amount of stockpiling can turn the tables should the market fluctuate. On Instagram, Saylor shares NFT art and stockpiling advice, convincing his followers that crypto is meant to be saved up.

Number of Followers: 55,500
Engagement Rate: 0.30%

Felix Hartmann educates people on cryptocurrency as the founder of one of the most influential educational platforms on crypto investments, Crypto Academy. On Instagram, he shares some of the best tips for crypto trading. Felix regularly posts video clips where he, or a guest, explores the future of cryptocurrency, especially with the recent NFT movement. Every now and then, Hartmann would also share screenshots of his tweets, mulling over market trends and the significance of long-term investments. 

On YouTube, Hartmann hosts ‘The Felix Hartmann Show’, a podcast featuring guests from the gaming, tech, and Web3 industries. These spaces are major players in the mainstream success of decentralized finance.

Number of Followers: 56,700
Engagement Rate: 0.53%

Tyler Winklevoss was among the earliest investors of cryptocurrency. The Olympic rower established a reputation as a pioneering crypto investor, later on co-founding Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, with his twin brother Cameron. At present, Gemini processes around $200 million worth of trades on a daily basis.

On Instagram, Winklevoss shares valuable news updates on the happenings in the crypto industry. His account is a treasure trove of the latest events and personalities on the rise within the crypto space.

Number of Followers: 49,000
Engagement Rate: 2.12%

The Bearable Bull and his team run a crypto consulting firm to help traders boost their way to success. The Bearable Bull has been among the most respected influencers and advocates for cryptocurrency, sharing their insights and mentoring others in the art of trading. They also invest in real estate and anticipate the mainstream launch of the metaverse.

Number of Followers: 50,500
Engagement Rate: 0.43%

More of an NFT guru than a crypto influencer, Gmoney is making waves in the crypto space. Their Bored Ape Yacht Club collaboration with Adidas’ metaverse venture is undeniably the trigger for the increased interest in NFTs. 

For Gmoney, an NFT is an opportunity for individuals to flex their status online. Be that as a proud owner of a highly-coveted NFT asset or as a knowledgeable contributor to crypto marketing, NFTs are proof that an advanced digital space is soon to come, with cryptocurrency as the main mode of transaction. 

To this day, little is known about Gmoney’s identity. The artist’s interest and determination in pursuing NFTs have led them and their audience to become familiar with the different reimaginations of an ape bearing a bored expression.

NeoReach found that the Bored Ape Yacht Club experienced an almost 30% increase in price performance in just one week. Both gmoney’s influence and the success of the Adidas partnership increased demand for one of the 10,000 items in the collection.

Number of Followers: 33,800
Engagement Rate: 0.38%

Spencer Lodge is an entrepreneur with an interest in building wealth through passive income. He indulges through a variety of investments, from real estate property all the way to cryptocurrency. Lodge’s entrepreneurial spirit is well-recognized, helping emerging businesses to succeed. 

Lodge’s knowledge in all sorts of trades brings about highly informative content on entrepreneurship and financial freedom. Cryptocurrency has also caught the interest of Lodge, where he goes in-depth to discuss decentralized finance with other industry experts on ‘The Spencer Lodge Podcast’. 

Number of Followers: 14,400
Engagement Rate: 0.01%

Crypto Wendy O empowers female crypto traders to harness their financial literacy through cryptocurrency. Crypto Wendy provides only the best sources of information in her interviews, discussing the future of crypto, blockchain, and NFT trading. 

Crypto Wendy began her journey in educating the public on YouTube. Her YouTube channel amasses around 165,000 subscribers eager for her analysis of Bitcoin, Binance, and other cryptocurrencies. On Instagram, she posts NFT art and Bitcoin trends. On TikTok, she answers frequently asked questions and provides quick tips and tricks. Stay ahead of the trading game by signing up for Crypto Wendy’s free newsletter.

Number of Followers: 35,000
Engagement Rate: 1.93%

Nicknamed the “Bitcoin Jesus”, Roger Ver is the first investor in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related startups. Ver’s unwavering advocacy for Bitcoin during its earlier days propelled various cryptocurrency projects back in 2011. He took interest in adopting digital currencies as a mode of payment for his business. In 2015, Ver founded, a portal offering Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash services. 

Ver’s interest in cryptocurrency hasn’t waned since. He also invests in other projects, such as blockchain projects like Kraken,, and Ripple. Ver is among the wealthiest individuals running the crypto market. Apart from updates on crypto activity, Ver shares pictures of his trips, conferences, and the like on Instagram.

Number of Followers: 52,500
Engagement Rate: 3.85%

Content creator and crypto investor Layah Heilpern is another must-follow on Instagram. She dedicates her Instagram to providing educational content about cryptocurrency, financial literacy, and self-motivation. 

Layah’s background in broadcast journalism gives her exceptional skills to deliver reliable information on cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technology. She likes to share financial advice on Instagram Reels and everyday pictures on her native feed. 

Layah specializes in assessing the market value of Bitcoin. Aside from publishing content online and hosting a podcast, Layah has also published her very first book, Undressing Bitcoin: A Revealing Guide to the World’s Most Revolutionary Asset.

Number of Followers: 34,700
Engagement Rate: 0.56%

Who says cryptocurrency has to be boring? Girl Gone Crypto says no to dull and mundane and yes to wacky content about Bitcoin. Girl Gone Crypto is steadily rising up the ranks as a crypto influencer with her comedic take on financial advice. 

Girl Gone Crypto’s fondness for putting together cryptocurrency and entertainment makes her an effective crypto influencer, especially to the younger, tech-savvy audience. When she’s not on Instagram, Girl Gone Crypto shares videos on YouTube and discusses current trends on Twitter.

Number of Followers: 25,900
Engagement Rate: 2.78%

Tony, popularly known online as JRNY Crypto, started as a YouTuber covering cryptocurrency and other related topics. He has built a credible reputation for sharing reliable content and giving out candid feedback on the various trends and gimmicks in the crypto space. He provides informative guides in crypto trading and reviews crypto platforms to help interested investors make their choice.

On Instagram, Tony posts an odd mix of NFT art, memes, and crypto market activity. His enthusiasm for the potential of NFTs past art collectibles is infectious while scrolling down his feed.

Number of Followers: 89,100
Engagement Rate: 2.41%

CryptoWhale is a prolific writer for cryptocurrency, earning the trust of over 25,000 followers on Instagram. While their content is few and far between, their newsletter is highly anticipated with more than 230,000 subscribers. 

Mr. Whale expounds more on their market predictions and opinions on the ever-changing landscape of crypto trading on Twitter. They have also joined in the NFT hype, launching DigiWhales. The proceeds will be donated to #TeamSeas, a charity organization dedicated to cleaning up the ocean.

Number of Followers: 52,900
Engagement Rate: 1.78%

Freddie Finance is another great account to follow, with his Instagram account filled with some of the best advice on financial literacy, wealth, and investment portfolios. Even if you’re still in doubt about the volatility of cryptocurrency, Freddie Finance has a plethora of tips, tricks, and investment options for you to consider. He is also an avid supporter of NFTs, sharing his collection on his Instagram Highlights.

Number of Followers: 18,800
Engagement Rate: 1.17%

Crypto Jebb is a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts educating people on crypto and crypto trading. The brand’s face and brain, Jebb McAfee, began his passion for discussing cryptocurrency on YouTube.

On Instagram, Jebb shares thought-provoking video clips from his interview sessions with some of the top figures in decentralized finance. For anyone interested in learning more about how cryptocurrency works, Jebb and the team offer Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Academy, a course dedicated to building your confidence in analyzing trends and smart investing.

Number of Followers: 17,300
Engagement Rate: 0.25%

Art is a versatile form of expression, and Brekkie von Bitcoin makes exemplary use of his creativity to show his support for cryptocurrency. The California-based artist carves sculptures of the iconic Bitcoin symbol, ฿. Brekkie reimagines the symbol lying in the human eye’s pupil or as an ornate carving worthy of being on display on a shelf.

Brekkie is a believer that his Bitcoin art is symbolic of a need for change in how things work money-wise. He likes to share his progress on his artwork on Instagram, where potential clients can take a closer look at his pieces. When he’s not busy sculpting, Brekkie spends time as a creative director at Swan Bitcoin, a crypto trading platform for automated Bitcoin purchases and savings management.

Number of Followers: 26,700
Engagement Rate: 0%

A proponent for crypto and startups, Lucas Dimos started publishing content revolving around crypto on TikTok. Dimos’ success grew and soon, he gained over 556,000 TikTok followers and co-founded 

Dimos, or more popularly known as theblockchainboy, spends his time online sharing industry expertise on crypto trading and investments. He has been featured in news publications like the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider, highlighting the remarkable success of crypto influencers and their valuable investment tips.

Number of Followers: 13,900
Engagement Rate: 0.47%

Musician and content creator Lil Bubble steals the spotlight in a roundtable discussion on crypto with their artistic take as a crypto influencer. This Instagram personality hides behind an astronaut’s helmet and their talent to compose music, with cryptocurrency and NFTs as their muses. Despite the complexities of crypto trading, Lil Bubble’s content is proof that new and emerging technologies are not impossible to become part of pop culture.

Lil Bubble also shares their enthusiasm for the metaverse and various NFT collectibles on Instagram. They have also met with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, which raises the excitement for partnership potential with the leading cryptocurrency platforms. Lil Bubble shares music videos of their work on the Lil Bubble official YouTube channel for everyone to watch and enjoy.

Number of Followers: 11,800

Rachel Siegel, better known by her user handle cryptofinally, began her journey as a content creator on YouTube. Being the true, tech-savvy influencer that she is, Rachel posts short-form and long-form videos where she breaks down cryptocurrency into digestible bits of information. 

Rachel makes catchy songs to explain crypto in a much more effective way of getting people to understand how the market works. Crypto in media, the Bitcoin market, NFT gaming, and investment portfolios are some of the topics she discusses in-depth.

Rachel’s unique tactic in educating her audience generates talk and an accumulated follower count of over 23,000 followers across Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, she shares glimpses of her daily life as a marketing advisor.

Number of Followers: 11,400
Engagement Rate: 0.86%

Saifedean Ammous is the best-selling author of the phenomenal book The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking. With exemplary knowledge of sustainable development and economics, Ammous advocates for Bitcoin and its ability to change the way society spends and saves money. 

Ammous also hosts ‘The Bitcoin Standard’, a podcast show where he sits down and discusses the latest innovations in crypto trading with experts from different business sectors. He shares significant quotes and clips from each episode on Instagram.

Number of Followers: 22,500
Engagement Rate: 0.08%

Andreas Antonopoulos is a Bitcoin and Blockchain advocate with vast knowledge and experience in trading, mining, and managing investments. Antonopoulos offers workshops and special courses to assist new investors in finding their ground within the competitive world of crypto and making the most of their investments. 

Antonopoulos is also a best-selling author for business and finance. He has published several titles such as Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money, and Mastering Ethereum

Number of Followers: 7,300

Peter McCormack is a UK-based journalist and podcast host of the show ‘What Bitcoin Did’. McCormack is an advocate for cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, where he goes in-depth in his podcast. ‘What Bitcoin Did’ touches on the latest developments, security updates, and technology dedicated to diversifying and improving cryptocurrencies. 

If you can’t find the time to sit down and listen to the full episodes, don’t worry. McCormack’s Instagram account consists of all the good bits from his show in short and digestible video clips. 

Number of Followers: 6,200

Jake, better known by his user handle koreanjewtrading, lives the best of both worlds. In his desire to support professional athletes, and with the influence of like-minded crypto investors, Jake established Trading Dojo. The Trading Dojo is an exclusive community on Discord that Jake started to empower sports and crypto enthusiasts in trading crypto. Members have premium access to top-rated analysis on the trends in Bitcoin and the stock market.

Number of Followers: 6,000

Crypto and recreation work well together, and Miss Crypto is living proof. Since 2016, Miss Crypto has been a proponent of cryptocurrency. She keeps her followers up-to-date with the latest market drops and press releases related to the improvement and expansion of cryptocurrency platforms.

Number of Followers: 3,600
Engagement Rate: 11.82%

Albeit significantly more active on Twitter, Digital Asset Investor is an esteemed figure in discussing crypto investments and their greater impact on traditional banking. The account shares highlights and features on the latest cryptocurrencies, technologies, and the government’s support for crypto transactions. Digital Asset Investor explores the different markets and trends of cryptos such as XRP, Bitcoin, and Ether.

Number of Followers: 3,100
Engagement Rate: 0.19%

Buying and selling Bitcoin isn’t the only thing that Bitcoin Babe slays at; they also spread the good word of Bitcoin in true, Bitcoin Babe style (a dash of pink and high-quality memes). Bitcoin Babe leverages Instagram Business to promote their services to interested individuals. Their content ranges from memes appealing to the tech-savvy audience to quotes highlighting the potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the future of finance. 

Beware of Instagram Influencer Fraud

Scammers impersonating official accounts are prevalent on Instagram. In fact, almost every entry in this article’s list had at least one account impersonating them. The platform had attempted to address this issue before, yet 49% of content creators still deal with fraud.

Should you get scammed by a false crypto influencer on Instagram, you lose not only your tokens but your real-life savings as well. Take extra caution before making a transaction on Instagram, as the platform won’t be held liable for any possible loss.

Wrapping Things Up

Crypto influencers play an essential role in educating the public on the benefits of cryptocurrency. People are skeptical, but with an influencer’s reputation and credibility, people gain awareness of the use and potential of crypto. 

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