This State-Owned German Bank Enters Crypto With New Blockchain-Based Digital Bond

German state-owned development bank Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) is gearing up to issue its first blockchain-based digital bond, marking a significant milestone in adopting crypto technology within the financial sector. 

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, KfW has already successfully issued a digital bond as a central register security in compliance with the German Electronic Securities Act (eWpG). The bank is preparing to take the next step by offering a blockchain-based bond to attract a wide range of investors.

Streamlined Crypto Bond Offering

Treasurer Tim Armbruster expressed optimism about digitalization’s advantages in terms of increased efficiency and scalability. Recognizing these potential benefits, KfW aims to leverage blockchain technology to streamline and increase its bond issuance process.

KfW plans to hold discussions during a several-week preparatory phase to familiarize European institutional investors with the upcoming transaction. 

This will reportedly allow investors ample time to understand and evaluate the opportunities the blockchain-based bond presents. Union Investment, an experienced investor in crypto assets, has been announced as an anchor investor in this deal.

Per the report, while the bond issuance will be in digital format, KfW will continue to process payments using traditional payment systems. The transaction is expected to be finalized in the summer of this year.

Anonymous Source Reveals Anticipated €100M Bond

Several prominent financial institutions have been enlisted to facilitate the bond issuance. DZ Bank, Deutsche Bank, LBBW, and Bankhaus Metzler will act as joint bookrunners and oversee the process. Frankfurt-based fintech firm Cashlink Technologies GmbH will be the crypto assets’ registrar.

Although specific details about the bond remain undisclosed, an anonymous source familiar with the matter revealed that the minimum size is anticipated to be €100 million ($108 million). The bond is expected to mature in December 2025, providing investors with a defined timeline for their investment.

KfW’s move follows in the footsteps of JPMorgan, which recently ventured into the crypto market by employing blockchain technology to offer municipal bonds to investors. This move reflects the increasing recognition of blockchain’s potential to revolutionize traditional financial operations.

KfW’s pioneering issue of a blockchain-based digital bond sets a precedent for other financial institutions to explore similar avenues. 

The successful implementation of this technology could lead to increased efficiency and accessibility in the bond market, ultimately transforming the way crypto assets are issued and traded among traditional finance institutions.

The daily chart shows the total crypto market cap’s valuation at $2.2 trillion. Source: TOTAL on

As of this writing, the cryptocurrency market is valued at $2.2 trillion. Bitcoin (BTC), the foremost cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, is currently trading at $63,200. 

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