The Top 10 States With The Most Cryptocurrency Jobs

  • New York places top of the list for the states with the most cryptocurrency jobs
  • California and Utah follow in second and third place, respectively
  • Vermont has the least amount of cryptocurrency jobs

New research has discovered the 10 states with the most cryptocurrency jobs, with New York taking the top spot.

The States With The Most Cryptocurrency Jobs

Experts at analyzed data from multiple job listing sites, including Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, to discover the number of cryptocurrency jobs in each state. The number of jobs was compared to each state’s population to determine the ranking.

New York

New York places first in the list of the states with the most cryptocurrency jobs; with 525 roles available, there are 2.67 for every 100,000th person. The BitLicense was put into effect in 2015, with New York being one of the first jurisdictions to take crypto regulation seriously, and now there are an array of cryptocurrency offices situated in the state’s financial district.


California is second on the list – the state has 759 cryptocurrency jobs available, equating to 1.94 for every 100,000th person. California’s Silicon Valley, known as a hub for many technology establishments, is home to various cryptocurrency start-ups such as CipherTrace.


Utah places third, with 59 cryptocurrency jobs in total, making that 1.75 per 100,000 people. The state’s technology industry is well developed, particularly with many establishments accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment – not to mention, Utah boasts an abundance of blockchain start-ups, including tZERO and MerxNet.


In fourth place is Virginia, which has 126 cryptocurrency jobs in total, equating to 1.45 jobs for every 100,000th citizen. Virginia is yet another state to take cryptocurrency adoption seriously, with a bill being signed last year clearing the way for banks to hold customers’ crypto assets – and there are plenty of start-ups and companies in the state, including Diaphanous and Future Traders.


Massachusetts is in fifth place with 83 cryptocurrency job posts, making that 1.19 jobs for every 100,000th person. With over 800 Bitcoin ATMs and an abundance of cryptocurrency companies, including Flipside Crypto and Block, Massachusetts is undoubtedly well-advanced with the crypto industry.


Taking the sixth spot is Illinois, with a total of 134 cryptocurrency jobs available, equating to 1.07 per 100,000 people. The state has accepted cryptocurrency for nearly a decade, with Chicago’s Bitcoin ATM company CoinFlip starting in 2015.


In seventh place is Wyoming; the state has 6 jobs in total, making that 1.03 for every 100,000th citizen. Wyoming has passed three dozen laws focused on regulating cryptocurrency, making it an appealing state to entrepreneurs within the crypto market.


Next on the list in eighth place is Montana, with 11 cryptocurrency job posts, equating to 0.98 for every 100,000th person. The state has no specific regulations on cryptocurrencies, making it easy for enthusiasts to buy, sell, or use as a form of payment. As well as this, there are several crypto companies based in Montana, including BLOCKY and Fuscient.


Following closely behind is Maine, which has 12 jobs, making that 0.87 per 100,000 people. Many businesses in the state accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, as well as there being multiple Bitcoin ATMs; plus, there are a variety of crypto companies based in Maine, such as Hyperlink InfoSystem and Xtreem Solution.


Last on the list is Hawaii in tenth place with 12 cryptocurrency job posts, which equates to 0.83 for every 100,000th citizen. Hawaii is more recently opening up to the world of crypto, with the state currently running an experiment which consists of 11 companies offering digital currency services.

Rank State Jobs per 100,000 people
1 New York 2.67
2 California 1.94
3 Utah 1.75
4 Virginia 1.45
5 Massachusetts 1.19
6 Illinois 1.07
7 Wyoming 1.03
8 Montana 0.98
9 Maine 0.87
10 Hawaii 0.83

A spokesperson from has commented: “The ranking is undoubtedly useful to crypto enthusiasts as it can determine the states that will allow them to thrive if they wish to start or grow their crypto career.”

“As well as this, it’s interesting to see how some of the states in the ranking differ when it comes to their attitude towards crypto, with Hawaii being very new to the currency while states like New York have supported crypto for years.”

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