PTOP Hires renowned Crypto Specialist @MoonMark_ (A.K.A)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Peer To Peer Network (OTC PINK: PTOP) (“PTOP”) announces the addition of a well known coder.

“Almost every company worldwide stands to benefit from integrating web3 technology; yet, many either fail to grasp its advantages or lack the ambition to navigate uncharted waters. Among the dozens of pitches I review weekly, the Mobicard team stood out. I immediately recognized web3’s potential to not only enhance their product but also set a global standard for companies hesitant to embrace new technologies. With Peer To Peer Network, we’re poised to unleash the power of blockchain, likely triggering a significant shift in the general understanding of web3,” stated @DeFi Mark.

@DeFi Mark is a dedicated web3 entrepreneur and blockchain engineer with over three years of full-time experience in creating blockchain technology. He specializes in integrating blockchain technology across a diverse range of industries. His accomplishments in this rapidly evolving field has led to the successful deployment of over 2,500 smart contracts that are currently active across several blockchains. @DeFi Mark has founded three blockchain-centered companies, employing the talents of dozens of professionals, many of them senior software engineers. His innovative spirit has resulted in the creation of more than a dozen pioneering technologies, uniquely possible thanks to decentralized finance. @DeFi Mark has integrated web3 technology into multiple sectors, including American banking infrastructure, global real estate, asset rental agencies, mortgage and lending infrastructures, voting systems, payment gateways, securities trading, commodities, forex trading, fundraising, venture capital, and digital identity verification.

Some of the companies he worked on that are widely known include but are not limited to PvP Casino, EverGrow Coin, Safemoon (circa 2021), Keys Metaverse, Nexus Token + Regent Bank, Grove Chain, CertiK, Liquid Capital (, dappd LLC (, Decentra + AllForOne, amongst many others who prefer to keep development work anonymous.

“This is a major accomplishment for the company to negotiate this contract with such a well known talent, his professionalism and world renowned work has brought companies to make millions of dollars and I am excited to be his project manager on the Peer To Peer Network team,” exclaimed Nicholis Santana tech team leader for PTOP.

“My main focus is the flagship MOBICARD™ 1.5 product. I have a feeling many of you will see it in the app stores very soon, but when I was presented with a call to add @DeFi Mark to the team, I was curious to the idea. Top Talent typically want top dollar, and my focus is on minimizing cash expenditures until after the launch of our new flagship product MOBICARD™ 1.5. However, @DeFi Mark saw the bigger picture and was willing to be compensated 100% in equity. That made it an easy choice to add his coveted services. Having raised over $40 million for other companies and having a wide network of investors, it became apparent that this was a gift granted to the PTOP family that we couldn’t afford to miss out on,” proclaimed Chairman & CEO Joshua Sodaitis.

The scope of work that @DeFi Mark will be doing for PTOP is as follows, but not limited to:

a. Smart Contract Development

i. Token creation, architecture, ideation, delivery, execution, and contract deployment

i. Smart contract utilities to support token and app, including creation, architecture, ideation, delivery, execution, and contract deployment.

i. Work with software team to integrate utilities, train engineers how to interact with web3 and smart contract functions, specify in detail what functions to call to achieve which result

i. Follow best security practices, test code using web3 testing libraries to ensure security and performance matches what is expected

b. Blockchain Consultant

i. Overall counsel and education regarding the web3 / DeFi market.

i. Introduce connections to important personnel in the industry, marketers, influencers, investors, community members, and community moderators 

i. Freely available to help answer any questions, comments, concerns relating to cryptocurrency as a whole or in specific scenarios.

i. Innovation of software with smart contracts, providing a trustless validation of events and transactions, free data retrieval, and more benefits

i. All blockchain duties typically associated with a Chief Blockchain Officer

Joining Peer To Peer Network, @DeFi Mark is enthusiastic about bringing his expertise to revolutionize the MOBICARD™ platform. Also known as @MoonMark_ he will be leveraging web3 technology to transform mobile business cards, setting a new standard in the industry. At Peer To Peer Network, a soon to be leader in marketing and networking innovation, the integration of blockchain technology is not just about enhancing a product; it’s about pioneering a new mindset in business solutions. As the first in their field to embrace such emerging technologies, Peer To Peer Network is poised to lead a generational shift in the industry. PTOP is thrilled to have @DeFi Mark’s contribute to this trailblazing initiative, aiming to positively impact the lives of millions of small business owners worldwide.

“I have helped hundreds of local and global businesses scale their operations and service offerings through web3 technology integration. However, the MOBICOIN project presents a unique opportunity to do more than just scale the Mobicard product; it’s about reinventing digital and affiliate marketing entirely. I am excited to be at the forefront of integrating this innovative solution into MOBICOIN, aiming to add tremendous value to the Peer To Peer Network,” stated @DeFi Mark.

“I am now setting an aggressive pace for a rapid achievement on multiple strategic objectives, adding top tier talent will help expedite this process. I wholeheartedly welcome @DeFi Mark to the team and hope to appoint him as Chief Blockchain Officer in the future. The time for talking is over it’s soon time for me to show you what we have been working on and talking about. My tech team is ready, and next weeks news will be even better,” concluded Chairman & CEO Joshua Sodaitis.

Peer To Peer Network 

Stock Symbol: PTOP

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Joshua Sodaitis, Chairman & CEO MobiCard, Inc.
45 Prospect Street Cambridge, MA 02139
Investor Relations Phone#: 1-617-481-1971

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