Northern California law enforcement warns of highly successful Bitcoin scam

(FOX40.COM) — A “concerning increase” in scams that involve transferring money into Bitcoin prompted Northern California law enforcement to take action.

Placer County Sheriff’s Office reported that a victim was recently scammed out of $15,000. It happened after a scam caller convinced the victim that her email had been compromised, and their bank account was implicated in the breach. The victim was then directed to what they believed was their bank and persuaded to transfer $15,000 into Bitcoin under the guise of protecting their funds.

Subsequently, the victim reportedly received a call from someone posing as the FBI, who convinced them to transfer an additional $8,000 for the same reason. It wasn’t until after the second transfer that the victim grew suspicious and reached out to the sheriff’s office.

“These scams are regrettably prevalent and often highly successful,” the Placer County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) said. “If you ever receive emails or calls alleging an urgent situation that requires transferring money, STOP immediately and contact law enforcement.”

Officials said that law enforcement and legitimate banking institutions will never ask a client to transfer funds into Bitcoin or gift cards.

“This should serve as a major red flag indicating something is amiss,” PCSO said. “Please assist us in spreading awareness about these types of scams to ensure that your loved ones do not fall prey to them. Together, we can combat these fraudulent activities and safeguard our community’s financial well-being.”

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