Musk and Trump Discuss Crypto Policy Amid Campaign Trails

Elon Musk and Donald Trump are talking about cryptocurrency policy as the former president emphasizes Bitcoin and other digital assets more and more while out on the campaign road to win over new voters, as per the reports. 

Trump campaign officials have also discussed the potential of inviting Musk to speak at the Republican convention, but a decision is pending. The source, who described the discussions anonymously, was still determining if Musk had been approached about the matter up to this point.

The actions are the most recent example of how Musk, a prominent figure in Washington who has influenced elections, whose businesses have federal contracts, and who has reacted negatively to regulations, is using his considerable political power.

Trump and Musk are discussing how the tech entrepreneur could assume a wide advising position if Trump is re-elected in November. However, the specifics of that argument are still being worked out.

Musk has also spoken with Trump supporters on space exploration and electric cars, topics that are closely connected to the CEO positions of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX. 

The billionaires have been communicating more in recent months, and the campaign is depending more and more on Musk for his knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Musk said following his attendance at a Trump donor gathering in March that he had no intention of giving to either President Biden or Trump.

Memecoin prices have been impacted by Musk’s social media posts, appearance on Saturday Night Live, and April 2023 stunt including an image of a Shiba Inu on the X home button. Amidst Trump’s campaign’s emphasis on cryptocurrencies, industry supporters connected to Musk are also competing for his attention.

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