Exclusive: BNB Chain Team on ‘Fueling Web3 Adoption’ Post-Bitcoin Halving

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Welcome to the first episode of GoCrypto with Mike Ermolaev, an interview series brought to you by GoMining. This interview with the BNB Chain Core Development Team laid out their visions for both immediate and distant horizons of blockchain – including how much the next Bitcoin halving will impact the crypto market. From tomorrow’s updates to long-term revolutions,  the team behind BNB Chain, broke down their playbook – line by line – showcasing exactly how they aim to champion greater adoption of blockchain technology. 

The 2024 Bitcoin Halving: A Catalyst for Broader Adoption

Poised at an important threshold within crypto circles, there’s a genuine sense of optimism among the BNB Chain team, 

“The Bitcoin halving is expected to drive more mainstream interest in the crypto space at large. This surge in attention may prompt a deeper understanding of blockchain’s broad-ranging applications across various industries so is a positive sign for greater Web3 adoption. As awareness of blockchain technology grows, fueled by the narratives around events like the halving, we anticipate continued innovation and Web3 adoption.”

Building a Foundation for Innovation: BNB Chain’s 2024 Vision

Meanwhile, BNB Chain itself is ardently preparing for some substantial changes thanks to a number of exciting technological updates coming soon. These include the BNB Beacon Chain (BC) Fusion upgrade and the introduction of new blockchain execution protocols, which are expected to enhance the ecosystem substantially.

Detailing their strategic focus, the team shared, “At BNB Chain we are laser-focused on providing a platform for this impactful innovation. In line with our 2024 Outlook, our focus remains on building, emphasizing user adoption and ecosystem growth. Programs like our Meme Innovation Campaign and suite of builder support programs (including the MVB program) foster this growth. With more and more use cases emerging, we anticipate significant growth in sectors like DeFi, Web3 gaming, decentralized social platforms (DeSoc), decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN), and AI.”

The technological roadmap also includes the implementation of the PBS mechanism through BEP 322 to enhance BNB Chain’s MEV market and the introduction of BEP 336, which will introduce blob-carrying transactions to BSC with a mainnet hard fork scheduled for June. 

As such, BNB Chain appears to be on a mission – not only to brace themselves for the coming days but also to sculpt those very days with an ecosystem ripe for both adoption and expansion across varied blockchain uses. 

A Strategic Vision for Layer 1 and Layer 2 Integration

Then the team touched upon the diversity of layer 1 (L1) and layer 2 (L2) solutions, while also pointing out what role BNB Chain plays in this multi-chain environment.

They noted, “Many prominent L1 and L2 ecosystems already have large and established ecosystems of developers, users, and projects. Both BNB Chain’s L1 BSC and its L2 opBNB attract millions of active users daily, for instance. Going forward, the space is likely to continue presenting as a diverse ecosystem of L1 and L2 solutions, each bringing their own strengths.”

Expanding on the unique capabilities of their platforms, the team detailed,

“For example, BSC is a DeFi hub and with its mature infrastructure and support from top centralized exchanges (CEXs), is ideal for issuing assets. With its rapid speeds and near-gasless transactions, opBNB is ideal for all high-frequency transaction DApps, including fully on-chain games.”

They also emphasized the importance of interoperability in the evolving Web3 space, explaining,

 “Interoperability will also be a key consideration as we look ahead, especially with the Web3 industry increasingly shifting its focus towards fully on-chain (FoC) DApps this year. Until now, developers have lacked a comprehensive, integrated tech stack to transition their applications to a fully on-chain Web3 framework. This is where BSC’s mature and robust infrastructure comes in as BNB Chain is able to address this gap in the market.”

Moreover, BNB Chain has introduced the “One BNB” multi-chain paradigm, a strategic move aimed at enhancing connectivity across its networks. According to the team, this is, “a unified solution that seamlessly connects BSC, opBNB, and Greenfield, catering to both decentralized computing and storage needs,” which further underlines their commitment to creating a cohesive and integrated blockchain environment.

From Experimentation to Integration: Traditional Industries Embrace Blockchain for Enhanced Security and Business Growth

The BNB Chain team has observed a significant shift in how traditional industries are approaching blockchain technology – not just merely experimenting with it, but actively integrating it and making it part of their core operations.

“Web3 presents new and exciting opportunities and we are seeing more traditional players moving into the space. With its underlying technologies like blockchain and NFTs, it offers potential for digital and business growth,” they noted. 

Highlighting the specific benefits blockchain brings to various sectors, they added,

“Enhanced security and transparency, facilitated by blockchain, allow for immutable record-keeping, making it invaluable for sectors like healthcare, education, and logistics. Additionally, smart contracts streamline processes, reducing reliance on intermediaries and mitigating errors, while tokenization paves the way for innovative business models and enhanced liquidity. Leveraging NFTs can drive customer engagement while DeFi presents avenues for global financial inclusivity.”

The BNB Chain team also shared a notable example of their network’s proactive initiatives, stating,

“With a mission to transform the way data is stored, managed, and accessed, BNB Chain joined the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to incorporate Content Credentials—an open-source technology that provides transparency into how content has been created or edited—into its platform.”

Furthermore, they reflected on the broader acceptance and integration of blockchain technology by traditional industries, saying that

“Overall, while some traditional players may initially approach blockchain and cryptocurrency as experiments, many are recognizing the long-term potential of these technologies and are actively exploring ways to integrate them into their operations and services.”

Pioneering Decentralization: The Rise of DePIN and AI Infrastructures

Moving forward, our discussion turned to the BNB Chain’s pioneering work in decentralized physical infrastructure and connectivity, where they expect a massive shift with the growth in DePIN.

Explaining their strategic direction, the team stated,

“BNB Chain’s commitment to mass adoption remains unchanged. We continue to focus on developing super-fast, cost-effective, scalable, and secure multi-chain strategies for decentralized finance and the Web3 economy. The ‘One BNB’ multichain paradigm inspires new ideas, particularly in AI and its DePIN protocols.”

They shared more on their progress and what’s coming up for their decentralized AI infrastructure,

“In 2024, the BNB Chain community continues to focus on building and empowering fully decentralized AI infrastructure, such as AI DePIN to leverage the decentralized power of computation worldwide, and enhance the efficiency of computation,” they explained.

The crew explained how DePIN smoothly blends a mix of tech features to work as one well-oiled machine.

“DePIN in Web3 signifies a groundbreaking fusion of blockchain, IoT, and tokenomics. It creates a dynamic ecosystem for decentralized physical networks (such as telecommunication networks, CPU/GPU networks) and data networks (such as maps co-creation, datasets labeling, energy-saving networks, and privacy patience data networks).”

On top of that, the BNB Chain team explained how DePIN can be used for tailor-made infrastructure setups, using telecommunications as an example:

“L1 blockchain (BSC) or L2 blockchain (opBNB) is used for financial settlements, dedicated L2 networks (opBNB Connect) handle complex telecommunications business logic, and dedicated decentralized storage (Greenfield) manages data collection and distribution.”

In this way, BNB Chain sees an interconnected future, where the integration of blockchain with digital finance is an especially forward-thinking element.

Memecoins: Sparking Creativity and Community Engagement

Then conversation uncovered that there’s much more to memecoins within the crypto scene—according to the BNB Chain team they’re not just a source of entertainment, but carry real weight. The team members at BNB Chain explained why they think meme coins are strategically important.

“Memecoins can serve as a valuable means to bolster ecosystem growth and foster innovation. BNB Chain is dedicated to encouraging ecosystem innovation and growth, having recently committed US $1 million to its newly launched Meme Innovation campaign. The goal of the campaign is to inspire more creativity, nurture community spirit, and showcase appreciation for diversity.

Memecoins can function as a fundamental tool for empowering blockchain technology for cross-cultural communication. They can also complement ecosystem technical growth and serve as a tool to foster community and innovation.”

Plus, they broke down why using BSC to launch and manage meme assets is so effortless.

“BSC offers a seamless environment for creating, trading, and exploring meme assets, with benefits including EVM compatibility, fast finality, and robust infrastructure for interoperability, low transaction fees, and a vibrant community.” 

They reassure users, “Regardless of your level of coding experience, launching a token on BSC is simple and can be done in five easy steps.”


Eager and prepared, the BNB Chain crew reveals itself standing at the forefront, aiming to shape and direct where technology goes next in this rapidly shifting scene. With one foot in tomorrow’s technological leaps and another following closely behind the hottest trends; this is blindingly obvious that the BNB chain aims at becoming synonymous with cutting-edge blockchain developments. As it stands, BNB Chain is setting its sights far wider than many might guess – poised to disrupt more than just digital currencies by bridging gaps right across the entire tech sector in the years ahead.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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