Crypto News Today – June 13th, 2024

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US CPI Remains Flat in May, Bitcoin Rises

May’s U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) remained flat, defying expectations. This surprising stability has positively influenced the market, with Bitcoin climbing to $69.2k, demonstrating its sensitivity to economic indicators and investor sentiment. Read all about it on the TDR Website!

Trump Advocates for Domestic Bitcoin Production

Former President Donald Trump has called for all remaining Bitcoin to be mined within the United States. This initiative aims to strengthen the U.S. position in the global cryptocurrency market and retain economic benefits domestically, promoting national security and economic stability.

Crypto and AI Could Add $20 Trillion to Global GDP

An analyst’s report suggests that the integration of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence could potentially add $20 trillion to the global GDP. This prediction underscores the significant economic impact these technologies may have, driving innovation and growth across industries.

Terraform Labs Settles with SEC for $4.47 Billion

Terraform Labs has reached a settlement with the SEC, agreeing to pay $4.47 billion. This resolution marks a significant development in regulatory actions within the crypto space, highlighting the ongoing scrutiny and legal challenges faced by cryptocurrency firms.

Bitcoin Attracts More Short-Term Investors

Recent data reveals a surge in short-term investors in Bitcoin, reflecting increased speculative activity. This trend indicates heightened interest in quick profits and the dynamic nature of Bitcoin trading, influencing its market volatility.

Protocol Village Showcases Blockchain Innovations

Protocol Village has unveiled its latest blockchain innovations, aiming to advance the technology’s applications across various sectors. These developments highlight the continuous evolution and potential of blockchain to revolutionize different aspects of technology and business.

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