California lawmakers unveil budget rejecting Gavin Newsom spending cuts. Here’s their plan

California lawmakers on Wednesday announced a joint budget plan that would restore some funds for homelessness and social safety net programs while cutting money from state prisons. The spending proposal from Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas, D-Hollister, and Senate President Pro Tem Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg, would address the state’s estimated $45 billion budget deficit, but it […]

California moves forward with its ban of a dangerous pesticide

Back in the Obama days, the Environmental Protection Agency moved to ban a particularly toxic agricultural pesticide chlorpyrifos that has been shown to cause brain damage in children. It sounded reasonable at the time as a policy for public safety, including that of farm workers as well as consumers. But before the ban took hold, […]

Best California Online Casinos & Gambling Sites in 2024

In California, online casinos fall into a legal gray area, making offshore casinos an appealing alternative. Players can access online gambling California sites to play real money slots, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games. With perks like tax-free winnings and cryptocurrency acceptance, offshore brands licensed outside the US offer a safe and well-rounded experience. Let’s […]

Truckers Are Caught on the Front Line of California’s EV Push

If you live in the US, the stuff you buy—that new dining room table, bag of rice, or pair of pants heading to your home right now—may experience the all-electric future of global transportation before you do. Tens of millions of tons of goods move through California’s ports each year, proceeding from ship to port […]

Family tied up, held at gunpoint during alleged home robbery in California

(KTLA) — A family in Orange County, California was held at gunpoint earlier this week by four armed robbers who allegedly broke into their home, used a stun gun on one of the victims, tied them up, and demanded to know where they kept their valuables, authorities announced Tuesday. Officers with the Westminster Police Department […]

Tensions flare as California GOP gives Trump a boost by overhauling state primary rules

In a move backed by former President Trump’s campaign, the California Republican Party on Saturday changed its rules for allocating delegates in the state’s presidential primary — a shake-up that could discourage other GOP candidates from campaigning here and make the state less competitive in next year’s nominating contest. Tensions flared as the California GOP’s […]

California’s $20 minimum wage law has workers, franchisees and politicians divided

California’s $20 minimum-wage mandate officially went into effect on April 1, much to the dismay of major franchisees and Republican critics. AB 1228, hailed as “extraordinarily beneficial” by Gov. Gavin Newsom, faced immense backlash amid its initiative process back in Sept. 2022. That backlash has only intensified as fast-food chains scramble to offset the bigger […]