Cardano Founder Calls for Crypto Focus in U.S. Election Voting

Charles Hoskinson, a prominent figure in the blockchain industry and founder of Cardano (ADA), has expressed concerns about the current U.S. administration’s approach to cryptocurrency. He argues that the upcoming elections present a critical opportunity for the cryptocurrency community to use their votes strategically to steer policy.

Charles Hoskinson Blasts Biden’s Crypto Regulatory Approach

Charles Hoskinson has been outspoken about the detrimental effects of President Joe Biden‘s policies on the cryptocurrency sector. He highlights the administration’s support for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) aggressive regulatory tactics, which he terms “regulation by enforcement.” Charles Hoskinson says this approach has stifled innovation and contributed to significant job losses within the burgeoning trillion-dollar industry.

Moreover, he is critical of the lack of a Democratic primary, suggesting it could have exposed what he perceives as Biden’s declining competence. Hoskinson’s critique extends to a broader disappointment with the media’s portrayal of the situation, which he feels fails to hold the administration accountable for these perceived missteps.

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Crypto Leaders Seek More Favorable Regulations

Other key players in the blockchain arena, including Messari CEO Ryan Selkis and the Winklevoss twins, support Hoskinson’s viewpoint and are dissatisfied with the current regulatory environment. Similarly, CEOs from major companies like Coinbase and Ripple (XRP) have transformed the crypto lobby into a significant political force, illustrating the industry’s growing readiness to influence policy directly.

Additionally, Anthony Scaramucci, a well-known figure in the investment and crypto sectors, offered only a tepid endorsement of Biden, preferring this to the unpredictability of former President Trump’s administration. These leaders and Hoskinson are pushing for more favorable regulatory conditions for the cryptocurrency industry to thrive.

Crypto Policies Key in Upcoming Elections

In response to these ongoing challenges, Charles Hoskinson urges the crypto community to become single-issue voters focusing on cryptocurrency policy in the upcoming elections. This strategy aims to shift the political landscape to support the technological and economic advancements that blockchain technology can offer better.

Earlier criticisms from Charles Hoskinson include a strong rebuke of a memo circulated among Democrat Committee members, poised to influence a significant hearing on digital asset regulation. This instance, among others, fuels his campaign to encourage critical consideration of crypto policies among U.S. voters.

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