46 Blockchain Companies to Know 2024

The blockchain industry is booming and it’s only getting bigger. The blockchain market size is expected to reach $67.4 billion by 2026. This is due in part to increased investment in the technology, extensive use of blockchain solutions in banking and cybersecurity, as well as high adoption of blockchain solutions for payment, smart contracts and digital identities. 

And more than 90 percent of European and U.S. banks are researching blockchain options. The technology can revolutionize government, finance, insurance and personal identity security, among hundreds of other fields.

We’ve rounded up interesting examples of companies using blockchain. While some can be categorized as fundamentally blockchain companies, others are familiar names embracing the new technology.

Top Blockchain Companies

  • Coinme
  • Chainanalysis
  • Coinbase
  • Spring Labs
  • BlockFi
  • Circle
  • IBM
  • ConsenSys
  • MoonPay


Blockchain Companies to Know

Location: Chicago, Illinois

DRW is a trading firm with a global presence. The company expanded into cryptoassets with the 2014 launch of its subsidiary Cumberland, which seeks to provide reliable liquidity that contributes to sustainable market growth. Institutional investors working with Cumberland benefit from access to relationship managers, electronic trading solutions and extensive expertise in risk management and technical analysis.


Location: San Francisco, California

Fintech company Cash App initially began as a peer-to-peer payment platform. Since its founding in 2013, it has expanded into becoming a place where users can buy and sell bitcoin. Since all bitcoin lives on the Bitcoin Network blockchain, these exchanges are powered by bitcoin technology. Users can keep their bitcoin on Cash App and feel secure in the company’s many security features including encryption and fraud detection technology.


Location: Fully remote

Chainlink is a Web3 services platform that makes it easy for developers to build their own Web3 applications. Its technology, which has enabled trillions of dollars’ worth of value, connects real-world data and computation with blockchains, and makes different blockchains — both public and private — interoperable with each other. Chainlink Web3 services are used by protocols like Aave, Synthetix and MakerDAO, and the company has established partnerships with tech industry players including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Meta.


Location: New York, New York

Ava Labs operates a next-generation blockchain platform called Avalanche, whose open, programmable capabilities are for decentralized applications. Developers can launch customized public and private blockchains fast and at a low cost. Ava Labs also has solutions for individuals, like an NFT and crypto wallet extension, asset wallet and subnet explorer.


Location: Fully Remote

It’s common to think of Bitcoin as just another form of currency, but it’s actually a blockchain: a decentralized digital public ledger, which in addition to its use as currency can also serve as a base for a decentralized internet architecture. Hiro Systems makes tools for web developers to use in building this new version of the internet within the Stacks Ecosystem, a decentralized group of independent developers.


Location: New York, New York

Founded by former Meta employees in 2021, Aptos strives to provide “universal and fair access” regarding decentralized assets through networking tools. So far, Aptos has developed Aptos Names, Aptos Explorer and Petra Wallet to monitor transactions and blocks conveniently.


Location: San Francisco, California

Anchorage Digital is a platform that offers custody, trading and financing services, primarily through cryptocurrency. The digital asset platform not only allows institutions to engage with crypto directly, but institutions can “integrate crypto into their own products and services.” Anchorage Digital offers staking and governance options too.


Location: Los Angeles, California

Demand.io aligns consumers, brands and creators on one network to elevate e-commerce shopping experiences. The knowledge network offers several products to discover discount codes, reviews, creator offers and product pricing. By collecting data from manufacturers, retailers, products, blockchains and digital assets, Demand.io maintains a database that is up-to-date and accurate.


Location: Austin, Texas

The blockchain support of Web3 infrastructure comes from Fortress Trust. Through financial, regulatory and technological systems, the company enables innovators to launch and scale their Web3 initiative while opening blockchain, NFT and crypto benefits to every innovator. The company offers an NFT and crypto wallet, a mining engine and the financial infrastructure for payments, royalty escrow and more.


Location: New York, New York

Chainalysis works to improve trust across the blockchain ecosystem by providing banks, government agencies and others with services, software and data crucial to blockchain acceptance. The company’s investigation and compliance software helps institutions identify and disallow hacked and stolen funds and has been instrumental in solving many of the world’s most high-profile cybercriminal cases, making blockchain access safer and more accessible.


Location: Armonk, New York

Founded in 1911, IBM is a cloud platform and cognitive solutions company — it’s also the largest company in the world embracing blockchain. IBM has helped more than 220 businesses develop applications and data governance tools that run on blockchain. 


Location: New York, New York

Galaxy Digital is a fintech and investment management firm that offers institutions and clients a variety of solutions across the digital assets industry. The company provides features like investment banking, asset management, trading, principal investment, mining and prime brokerage.


Location: Denver, Colorado

SALT’s platform allows users to leverage their cryptocurrency for cash loans. Borrowers can lock into cash loans, from one to 36 months, by leveraging cryptos like Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin. The company’s platform is available in a majority of US states and multiple countries, and loans start at $5,000.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Circle is an online money transfer and cryptocurrency investment platform. Without exchange rate fees, friends can transfer money in different currencies with a simple text. The Boston-based company also offers investment opportunities in seven different industries, ranging from NFT platforms to crypto gaming and institutional traders.


Location: New York, New York 

Paxos is a regulated blockchain infrastructure platform that helps users move their assets between both physical and digital form. Founded in 2012, Paxos provides products for crypto brokerage as well as settlement services for securities and commodities.


Location: San Francisco, California

Ripple is a payment network using blockchain to transfer money all over the globe. International financial institutions like American Express, BBVA and BMO use Ripple’s platform to process and send payments on its secure blockchain network.


Location: Fully Remote

Pinata is a decentralized media management and distribution platform that allows brands, developers and creators to host, manage and share content — like NFTs and Web3 projects — on any kind of blockchain they wish to use. With Pinata’s Submarine product, users can create multimedia content feeds, launch new products and more.


Location: Bellevue, Washington

Bittrex is a crypto exchange with the goal of advancing the blockchain industry by “fostering innovation, incubating new and emerging technology and driving transformative change.” In addition to its wide selection of cryptocurrencies that users can trade, Bittrex also offers a mobile app for convenient trading. Consumers can submit tokens for listing and create a business account to trade too.


Location: Fully Remote

Sweet is an end-to-end platform for digital collectives. The company strives to connect the world’s largest brands and their fans. The Sweet marketplace features auctions and fixed-price products with zero crypto confusion, making the buying process easier to understand. Sweet ultimately hopes to provide a platform with secure and simple NFTs transactions that are flexible to meet future blockchain expectations.


Location: San Francisco, California

Coinbase is a digital portfolio that lets users buy and sell cryptocurrency. The company’s technology makes buying and managing cryptos easy with features like recurring buys and vault protection. Since 2012, Coinbase has seen over $300 billion exchanged by more than 98 million people.


Location: Seattle, Washington

Coinme has set out to break down barriers by teaming with Coinstar to form a nationwide network of Bitcoin kiosks that accept cash investments and allow users to store investments via the Coinme app — making it easier for people to improve their financial lives and begin investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Location: Sherman Oaks, California and Seattle, Washington

Mythical Games is a studio creating games and online experiences that feature true ownership of digital assets. The creation of a secondary digital economy, based on a blockchain, helps to verify scarcity and create a clean record of ownership over unique digital items. Mythical Games’ first blockchain-based game, Blankos, was released in December 2020. Players can compete in races and shooting minigames as well as earn and buy playable NFTs.

More on Blockchain GamesPlay-to-Earn Games Let Users… Play to Earn


Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Defense giant Lockheed Martin integrates blockchain into its developmental processes. The company is using blockchain in cybersecurity methods while also looking into software utilization. Lockheed Martin is now the first U.S. defense contractor — and one of the largest companies in the world —to embrace blockchain.


Location: Detroit, Michigan 

American automaker Ford is teaming up with Renault, BMW and General Motors to form a coalition dedicated to blockchain technology in the automotive space. Ford has been known to use blockchain initiatives to track whether or not environmental or human rights violations have occurred in the refineries and mines where EV battery supplies are sourced as well as to research  a blockchain system where drivers can transfer other drivers cryptocurrency to maneuver around them.


Location: New York, New York

NYDIG is a fintech firm offering Bitcoin solutions for institutions, private clients and banks. The firm offers asset management, derivatives, financing, custody, and execution services. As a subsidiary of Stone Ridge, NYDIG combines regulatory governance and audit standards with technology to make Bitcoin globally accessible.

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Location: Brea, California

Nisum is a global digital commerce firm offering services ranging from digital strategy and transformation to insights and analytics as well as blockchain and custom software development. Nisum products aim to solve client problems like modernizing and building cloud infrastructure. Founded in 2000, the company has grown to over 1,700 employees and reaches locations such as the United States, Chile, Colombia, India, Australia and Pakistan. 


Location: Fully Remote

MoonPay is a fintech company offering payment solutions for the crypto marketplace. MoonPay’s on-and-off-ramp suite of products allow for a seamless experience when converting between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Its platform supports methods like debit and credit card, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


Location: Berkeley, California

Oasis Labs is a privacy-first, cloud computing platform running on blockchain. Oasis creates smart contracts that allow for total privacy without any corruption. The company’s cloud computing offers a diversity of options in decentralized trust and privacy protection products.


Location: San Francisco, California

Chronicled leverages blockchain-enabled IoT devices to make for a more transparent supply chain. The decentralized Chronicled ecosystem helps industries like pharmaceutical, commodities and precious metals track-and-trace every move their shipment takes. This way, industry officials can monitor where shipments travel and who is handling them in order to cut down on counterfeiting and boost safety precautions.


Location: Berkeley, California

Ankr Network is a cloud-based blockchain infrastructure for business applications. Ankr leverages both blockchain and hardware for cloud and data security purposes. The company has a plan to develop Proof of Useful Work , a self-sustaining blockchain framework that unlocks the potential of idle computers. People all over the world can be compensated by performing tasks with their idle computers, which the company says can lead to a universal basic income.  

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Location: Santa Monica, California

After being founded in 2021, Autograph established “unique digital collections and experiences.” The NFT platform facilitates brands and names in sports, entertainment and culture while enhancing NFT ownerships. Customers can participate in live streams, behind-the-scenes videos and other inside content by owning an NFT. From there, customers can also get access to exclusive experiences, both physical and digital, and merchandise.


Location: New York, New York

BitMEX, or the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange, is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, currently hosting exchanges executed by more than half a million customers. The company’s platform was launched in 2014 by ex-bankers with backgrounds in computer science, financial engineering and traditional finance and utilizes the same technology found at the top trading firms.


Location: San Francisco, California and New York, New York

Lemonade combines artificial intelligence and blockchain to help users receive renters and homeowners insurance at reasonable rates. The company uses AI to create the optimal flat-fee rate for an insurance-seeker, then its blockchain-based smart contracts help to lock a user into a payment agreement. By using blockchain, Lemonade is able to approve insurance claims and payouts within minutes, rather than days.


Location: Seattle, Washington

TaxBit was designed by CPAs and software developers in 2018. The platform aims to unify digital assets and cryptocurrency with taxes and accounting to ensure compliance. TaxBit operates across industries and services individuals, enterprises and governments. The company’s platform can easily integrate with any native platform, allowing for instant automation and optimization.


Location: Fully Remote 

ConsenSys is changing the world of financial transactions by embracing decentralized finance solutions. The company has developed an expertise in Ethereum software, offering products like Quorum, Infura and Codefi. ConsenSys uses an advanced blockchain suite to equip financial institutions with the ability to conduct fast and secure digital transactions.


Location: Jersey City, New Jersey 

Founded in 2017, BlockFi is a fintech company using cryptocurrencies and blockchain payment rails to create a crypto  management platform. BlockFi provides crypto-backed loans, interest-bearing accounts to store crypto assets and the world’s first crypto rewards credit card. The company’s platform also serves as a crypto wallet and trading account.


Location: Fully Remote

Blockdaemon is an independent blockchain infrastructure platform that allows users to make transactions, stake and earn cryptocurrency via nodes and within one interface. The company’s platform is used by blockchain networks like ETH 2.0, Bitcoin, Solana and Terra. In 2021, the company secured $155 million in funding.


Location: Fully Remote

Unstoppable Domains streamlines crypto transfers by providing a platform where users can buy NFT domain names.

These domains function as a user’s cryptocurrency address and universal username. Users can send cryptocurrency to a recipient’s NFT domain, plus a domain only has to be bought once and can be used continuously.


Location: New York, New York

Paxful operates a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace that allows users to buy and sell various forums of cryptocurrency through more than 350 payment methods. Featuring capabilities like bank transfers, online wallets, cash payments, debit and credit card access, digital currency trading as well as trading for Amazon wishlist items, cars and appliances. Paxful also makes it more convenient for users across the globe to invest in Bitcoin and other forms of crypto.


Location: Menlo Park, California

Robinhood is a stock brokerage app that lets users buy and sell stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrency. The fintech giant entered the blockchain realm by letting customers invest in everything from Bitcoin to Litecoin. With more than $500 million in funding, Robinhood is one of the major financial players currently embracing blockchain.


Location: New York, New York

Republic is a blockchain-powered investment platform that allows users to easily and securely invest in startups, real estate, crypto and video games. Republic users have access to a vetted pool of investment options — the company is selective about the startups it lists for investments, with only 3 percent of applications being accepted.


Location: Marina Del Rey, California

Spring Labs enables faster and more secure information transferring between businesses by making use of blockchain’s power of transparency and real-time data ledger technology. The platform enables businesses to verify identities and reduce fraud by prioritizing the inherent safety that comes from blockchain capabilities, reducing costs, protecting consumer data and making it easier to approve credit transactions quickly.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Algorand makes digital transactions a common convenience by allowing companies to complete smart contracts with simple code while securing their blockchains with trustless technology. The company offers a pure proof-of-stake foundational blockchain. This goes beyond the traditional requirement of an open, public network by enabling a set of high performing Layer-1 blockchains that provide security, scalability, complete transaction finality built in privacy, Co-Chains and advanced smart contracts that are essential to the digital asset ecosystem. 


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Founded in 2015, CoinFlip operates a network of cryptocurrency ATM machines — spread across thousands of physical locations — that everyday people use to buy crypto with cash. The goal, according to the company, is to help usher in a more inclusive and accessible financial environment where buying and selling cryptocurrency is safe and easy.


Location: Austin, Texas

Steem is a blockchain-based rewards platform for social media publishers looking to monetize content and grow their communities. The company’s Smart Media Token can be launched by anyone to help monetize digital content and incentivize behavior. According to its website, Steem has given out more than $59 million in SMT to social media producers.


Location: San Francisco, California 

Filecoin incentivizes individuals to use the company’s mining software on the unused cloud storage space of personal computers, hard drives and data centers. Because data mining takes up so much storage, the company is giving miners their own Filecoins, which can be traded for U.S. dollars, Bitcoin and Ether. By making cloud storage a commodity, Filecoin is turning blockchain technology into a competitive storage market.

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