15 New Cryptocurrency Projects to Invest In

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Based on our research, the best new crypto projects to invest in for 2024 are Pepe Unchained, WienerAI, PlayDoge, Base Dawgz, and Shiba Shootout. Our methodology for evaluating new cryptocurrency with potential is thorough and detailed, analyzing factors such as use cases, roadmap, and liquidity potential.

Finding the best new crypto to buy can be a daunting task, as the risk is particularly high and there are various pitfalls to avoid. Yet if you can separate quality projects from mere hype, there is potential to make market-beating returns with just a few well-thought-out decisions.

Best New Crypto to Invest in for 2024

  • The Pepe meme gets its own Ethereum Layer-2 chain
  • Stake $PEPU to earn double the staking rewards through Layer-2 technology
  • Pepe Unchained aims to replicate the success of Pepe but with its own ecosystem

Project Launched

June 2024

Purchase Methods

  • ETH


  • bnb


  • usdt


  • Bank Card

    Bank Card

  • +1 more

  • Infinitely upgradeable AI meme coin, with modular technological capabilities.
  • Huge staking rewards available everyday during presale.
  • Presale price rises every two days – buy now to benefit from best price before listing.

Project Launched

April 2024

Purchase Methods

  • ETH


  • usdt


  • Play-to-earn meme coin, transforming the iconic Doge meme into a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet.
  • P2E meme utility tokens looking bullish for summer – get in on this 40-stage presale early for biggest returns.
  • Token on the Binance Smart Chain, with a possible Binance CEX launch post presale

Project Launched

May 2024

  • New meme coin offering an immersive Wild West crypto experience with high-stakes battles
  • Participants can buy and stake $SHIBASHOOT tokens for rewards in excess of 2,000% p/a
  • Token holders can cast votes on key project decisions and try their luck in the ‘Lucky Lasso Lotteries’

Project Launched

April 2024

Purchase Methods

  • ETH


  • usdt


  • bnb


  • Bank Card

    Bank Card

  • +1 more

  • New base meme coin that offers multi-chain purchases, staking rewards and share to earn functionality.
  • Combines the popularity of base with the appeal of dog meme coins that are dominating the crypto market.
  • Points from sharing Base Dawgz content can be redeemed for $DAWGZ tokens once the presale is complete.

Project Launched

June 2024

  • First of its kind daily rewards based on the performance of Mega Dice Casino
  • $DICE holders can enjoy 25% rev-share through the Mega Dice Referral Program
  • $2,250,000+ USD airdrop for casino players

Project Launched

April 2024

  • Learn-to-Earn platform that rewards users for learning about crypto
  • Stake $99BTC tokens in secure smart contract to earn passive rewards
  • Get the edge in fast-moving markets with expert crypto trading signals

Project Launched

April 2024

Purchase Methods

  • ETH


  • usdt


  • Bank Card

    Bank Card

  • bnb


  • +1 more

  • Trending meme coin with P2E utility & staking rewards
  • Price up 10x in past month, rumors of Binance listing
  • 12k+ holders and growing

Project Launched

December 2023

  • Sustainable new transportation P2E project with fun eTukTuk racing game.
  • Buy and stake $TUK tokens to earn passive 80% annual rewards. Presale has raised $3.5M so far.
  • Features a play-to-earn game allowing users to gather rewards while driving virtual eTukTuks & completing tasks.

  • Easy to integrate Dogecoin spinoff, celebrating 10 years of the original Dogecoin
  • Secure and transparent staking on ETH blockchain, with high passive rewards for holders.
  • Scheduled to be launched on major crypto exchanges in Phase 3 of roadmap, ensuring widespread accessibility and adoption.

Project Launched

June 2024

  • New token that aims to revolutionise how digital currencies are used in everyday commerce.
  • $SPY tokens to list on major centralised exchanges, including the MEXC Global exchange.
  • Loyalty incentives, airdrops, and participation rewards for community members.

Project Launched

May 2024

Purchase Methods

  • bnb


  • usdt


  • Bank Card

    Bank Card

  • ETH


  • AVAX


  • BASE




  • USDC


  • +5 more

  • Forecast the outcomes of Formula One races and compete with fans worldwide for a spot on the leaderboard.
  • Use $BDJ tokens to participate in prediction markets, stake for additional rewards, or hold for potential future value appreciation.
  • Buy and stake $BDJ to earn up to 6,811% in passive income rewards.

Project Launched

July 2024

Purchase Methods

  • ETH


  • bnb


  • usdt


  • Bank Card

    Bank Card

  • +1 more

  • Promising meme token offering real-world utility and applications.
  • Piloting its web3 dApp known as GemLaunch Suite allowing crypto enthusiasts to build and run cryptos and presales.
  • Native $ARKN tokens can be used for gas fees, staking rewards, airdrops, service discounts and more.

Project Launched

May 2024

Purchase Methods

  • AVAX


  • BASE


  • bnb




  • ETH


  • Solana


  • +3 more

  • Chocolate-themed meme coin project aiming to list on major exchanges.
  • The top 200 presale buyers are eligible to win prizes including SOL, a Tesla Model S, and a MacBook Pro.
  • $CHOC coin contract has been fully audited.

Project Launched

June 2024

List of the Top New Crypto Coins – 2024

Below is our ranking of the top new crypto coins to buy this year:

  1. Pepe Unchained – Best new layer-2 scaling solution
  2. WienerAI – Best new AI crypto project
  3. PlayDoge – Best new play-to-earn cryptocurrency
  4. Shiba Shootout – Best new community-focused token
  5. Base Dawgz – Newest multi-chain meme token
  6. Mega Dice Token – Top CasinoFi gaming token in 2024
  7. 99Bitcoins – Best new learn-to-earn crypto platform
  8. eTukTuk – Best new eco-friendly crypto project
  9. Doge2014 – Newest Doge-themed coin
  10. SpacePay – Best new retail payment crypto project
  11. Arkenstone – New no-code token launcher
  12. Race to a Billion – Predict Formula 1 races and earn rewards
  13. Healix – New crypto project decentralizing healthcare
  14. Gas Wizard – Upcoming crypto ecosystem for lowering fuel costs
  15. Choc – New food-themed meme coin

The Best New Crypto to Buy – Detailed Reviews of Each Coin

The following are detailed reviews of the best new crypto coins to buy in July 2024. We continuously update our list based on market research, sellout speed, roadmap progress, pricing, staking rewards, and more.

New cryptocurrency projects are particularly exciting due to their untapped potential, but they need to be carefully researched to ensure that they actually have a reasonable chance of being successful. Here is a thorough breakdown of the top new projects that made our list:

1. Pepe Unchained (PEPU) – Overall Best New Crypto Coin to Invest in July 2024

Pepe Unchained is a new Layer 2 blockchain designed for speed, security, and low fees, with a focus on memes. It’s 100x faster than Ethereum and offers instant bridging between ETH and Pepe Chain. With $PEPU tokens, you can stake and earn double rewards, making it a great new crypto to buy right now.

Pepe Unchained website

What sets Pepe Unchained apart are its low transaction fees and dedicated block explorer. These features ensure you get the most out of your investments. Its presale offers early buyers a significant advantage, providing opportunities for high rewards and growth.

To stay informed, read the whitepaper, follow Pepe Unchained on X, and join the Telegram channel. These resources will help you maximize your gains and stay updated on the latest developments in the Pepe Unchained ecosystem.

Launch Date June 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Pepe Unchained (Ethereum L2)
Starting Price $0.008
Current Price $0.0081939
Raised So Far $1.73 million

2. WienerAI (WAI) – Best New AI Crypto Project

WienerAI is a new meme coin with an AI twist. The project will provide token holders with a free AI trading bot with MEV bot protection and a beginner-friendly interface. Still in its presale stage, you can buy $WAI at a lower price before it lists on major exchanges.

WienerAI website

Simply, connect your wallet to the token presale site and use ETH, USDT, or a card to complete the purchase and start earning staking rewards. Once the presale is over, the team behind the project will develop their core offerings further.

While the presale lasts, you can stake your tokens and earn generous rewards. As of this writing, the staking APY stands at 165%. However, this will drop as more tokens are bought and staked. Buy and stake as early as possible for the highest investment ROI. Follow WienerAI on X for the latest information.

Launch Date April 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB, MATIC, Card
Chain Ethereum
Starting Price $0.0003045
Current Price $0.000724
Raised So Far $6.9 million

3. PlayDoge (PLAY) – Best New P2E Crypto Game Inspired by Tamagotchi

PlayDoge is the best new cryptocurrency to invest in 2024 due to its play-to-earn model, in-game rewards, and high staking yields. Users adopt the iconic Doge meme as a virtual pet in a Tamagotchi-style game, earning $PLAY tokens through gameplay.

PlayDoge website

As a native token on Binance Smart Chain, PlayDoge also offers $PLAY as in-game rewards. Players accumulate tokens by feeding, training, and battling their Doge pets in mini-games. The app will be available on iOS and Android, reaching billions of potential users.

Top performers on PlayDoge earn bonus tokens and exclusive rewards. Long-term investors can stake $PLAY for up to 114% APY. Costing $0.00451 in the first presale stage, the price will increase in subsequent stages. 50% of the 9.4 billion total supply is allocated for presale, with 6% for staking rewards over three years. Join the project’s Telegram channel and follow PlayDoge on X for updates.

Launch Date May 2024
Purchase Methods BNB, USDT, ETH, Card
Chain Binance Smart Chain
Starting Price $0.00451
Current Price $0.00514
Raised So Far $5.3 million

Visit PlayDoge

4. Shiba Shootout (SHIBASHOOT) – Leading New Community-Focused Meme Coin

Shiba Shootout is the best new community-focused dog themed meme coin of 2024, featuring Shiba Inus in cowboy attire on horseback. This coin stands out with its well-defined lore, centering around Marshal, the sharpest shooter in the crypto sphere.

Shiba Shootout website

Shiba Shootout engages the community through unique utilities. Users earn SHIBSHOOT tokens by increasing their posse and sharing stories on social media. The project includes gamified airdrops and dynamic staking with visual appeal, bringing additional utility to the world of meme coins.

With a total supply of 2.2 billion tokens and 35% allocated to the ongoing presale, this new meme coin emphasizes a decentralized ethos. Its Western-themed style and strong community focus make it unique. Find out more information by following on its Shiba Shootout on X.

Launch Date April 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Starting Price $0.0187
Current Price $0.0194
Raised So Far $475,000+

5. Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) – Promising New Crypto to Invest in with Multi-Chain Functionality

Base Dawgz is an exciting new meme coin with airdrop rewards for active community members. $DAWGZ is native to the Base chain but fully interoperable with Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and Avalanche, thanks to Wormhole and Portal Bridge technologies.

Base Dawgz website

With a unique concept, called “Be Social for Airdrop,” Base Dawgz plans to reward active community members who connect their X account and share memes and content related to the token. On top of a dedicated marketing allocation, this should help Base Dawgz become popular across the crypto space.

Early investors who buy $DAWGZ during the presale get the lowest token price. Leading up to the token launch on exchanges, the $DAWGZ price will continue to rise, making it potentially prudent to get your tokens as early as possible. Check out the whitepaper for more information. Follow Base Dawgz on X and join its Telegram channel to stay up to date.

Launch Date June 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, USDC, USDT, SOL, BNB, and AVAX
Chain Multi-chain
Starting Price $0.00479
Current Price $0.005534
Raised So Far $2.28 million

6. Mega Dice Token (DICE) – Newest CasinoFi Gaming Token Release in 2024

Mega Dice is a popular crypto casino and sports betting platform with over 50,000 users. It has launched the Mega Dice Token, a new crypto token built on the Solana blockchain. This token powers the entire gaming ecosystem, offering fast transactions and high throughput.

Mega Dice Token presale

The $DICE token provides various bonuses, such as access to limited edition NFTs, which grant special in-game rewards or can be traded. It can also be staked in three pools to generate high annual yields. Staked token holders receive priority access to promotions and casino discounts, plus daily token bonuses based on casino performance.

The token supply is capped at 420 million. Mega Dice will buy back and burn tokens to promote scarcity. Currently, 35% of the supply is offered through the presale, which has raised $1.56 million. For more information, read the whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.

Launch Date April 2024
Purchase Methods SOL, ETH, BNB
Chain Solana
Starting Price $0.069
Current Price $0.0825
Raised So Far $1.56 million

7. 99Bitcoins (99BTC) – Top New Learn-to-Earn Crypto Platform

99Bitcoins is an established online crypto educational platform with over 700,000 users. Now, the platform is leveraging blockchain technology to tokenize its ecosystem. Through its learn-to-earn crypto program, 99Bitcoins will foster an engaged community of token holders.

99Bitcoins presale website

With 99Bitcoins, you can learn about basic and advanced crypto topics through interactive modules, seminars, and quizzes. This includes lessons on decentralized finance (DeFi) and much more. As users progress through the curriculum, takes part in quizzes, and complete assessments, they’ll be rewarded with $99BTC tokens. This innovative token is built on Ethereum, but will migrate to the Bitcoin blockchain by adopting the BRC-20 token standard.

$99BTC can be staked on-chain to generate annual yields — early participants will be awarded the highest yields. From a total supply of 99 billion, 14% will be allocated as staking rewards over two years. Another 15% of the supply is currently being offered through the presale. Read the 99Bitcoins whitepaper and join the Telegram channel for more information.

Launch Date April 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum (to be bridged to Bitcoin)
Starting Price $0.001
Current Price $0.00111
Raised So Far $2.34 million

8. eTukTuk (TUK) – Top New Eco-Friendly Crypto Project

$TUK is the native token of eTukTuk, a brand-new eco-friendly project aiming to reduce air pollution with a network of EV charging stations. In its presale, it raised $3.53 million and offers 80% APY in staking rewards. eTukTuk is dedicated to replacing the 270 million TukTuks running on internal combustion engines. It also offers a P2E mobile game where users drive a TukTuk to earn more $TUK.

eTukTuk website

eTukTuk focuses on developing countries, starting with Colombo, Sri Lanka, to set up EV supply equipment. Territory partners will help reduce costs by installing and maintaining the EVSEs. TukTuk drivers will use $TUK tokens for payments at these charging stations, making it a sustainable solution for their livelihoods.

Territory partners earn commissions from transactions, while token holders can stake $TUK to power nodes and earn high APY. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, eTukTuk ensures energy efficiency and scalability. Check out the eTukTuk whitepaper and join the Telegram channel for updates.

Launch Date June 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Binance Smart Chain
Starting Price $0.024
Current Price $0.034
Raised So Far $3.53 million

9. Doge2014 (DOGE2014) – Meme Token Celebrating Dogecoin’s 10th Anniversary

Doge2014 is a trending new token to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dogecoin. The project is currently offering the tokens at the same price Dogecoin was in 2014, giving a nostalgic feeling to those who missed out back then. Doge2014 has set a supply cap of 100 billion tokens, with 60% available in the ongoing presale.

Doge2014 website

Looking at its initial presale success, the meme crypto will soon be listed on crypto exchanges. Early buyers can earn passive income by staking their Doge2014 tokens and earn an APY of over 49,000% at the time of writing. Please note that this rate will decrease as more people enter the staking pool.

There’s also a roadmap outlining future plans like marketing and creating products to celebrate Dogecoin’s history. Interested buyers can follow Doge2014 on X and join its Telegram group to get the latest presale updates.

Launch Date June 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Starting Price $0.00027
Current Price $0.00027
Raised So Far $8,840

Visit Doge2014

10. SpacePay (SPY) – Decentralized Payment Protocol for Seamless Crypto Payments at Retail Locations

SpacePay is a decentralized payment protocol on the Ethereum blockchain for crypto transactions in retail settings. $SPY, the utility token, incentivizes user engagement and drives platform growth.

SpacePay website

SpacePay uses a payment APK, making crypto transactions easy in retail locations. Customers can pay with various digital assets, and retailers receive funds in local currency. Active wallets earn monthly token airdrops. SpacePay will introduce a revenue-sharing model to reward token holders.

$SPY is priced at $0.00147 during its first presale stage, with a total supply of 34 billion tokens. 20% is allocated for the presale. SpacePay raised $750,000 from private investors and over $230,000 with its presale, showing confidence in the project. Check out the SpacePay whitepaper and join the Telegram channel for more information.

Launch Date June 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, AVAX, BASE, MATIC, USDT, USDC, Card
Chain Ethereum
Starting Price $0.00147
Current Price $0.00147
Raised So Far $230,000+

Visit SpacePay

11. Arkenstone (ARKN) – Multi-Utility Meme Coin Offers Real World Applications

The next coin on our list is Arkenstone, a meme token that offers real utility to token holders. $ARKN, the native token, enable seamlesss transactions and used for gas fees on the platform. Arkenstone offers utility for real-world applications through its product, GemLaunch Suite.

Arkenstone website

This is a Web3 tool that allows users to create, launch, and fund their own new crypto tokens. $ARKN token holders are given exclusive access to certain advanced features on the GemLaunch Suite. This new token can also be staked to generate dynamic staking rewards.

From a total supply of 1 billion tokens, 15% will be allocated as staking rewards. Another 25% of the supply is currently being distributed through the ongoing presale. For more information on this new token, go through the Arkenstone whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.

Launch Date June 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, SOL, AVAX, BNB, MATIC, Card
Chain Solana
Starting Price $0.024362
Current Price $0.028685
Raised So Far N/D

Visit Arkenstone

12. Race to a Billion (BDJ) – Predict Formula 1 Racing Outcomes and Earn Rewards

Race to a Billion is a new crypto to invest in this year. This exciting new project lets you use the native token $BDJ to make Formula 1 race outcome predictions to earn rewards. Because it uses the blockchain to settle transactions, the betting is transparent and visible with a block explorer.

race to a billion widget

The Race to a Billion project is now in a token presale phase where you can buy the $BDJ token and stake it to earn 6,647% dynamic APY. The more tokens are staked, the more the APY will drop, giving early investors the best rewards rate.

The total token supply stands at 2.5 billion where 40% of it will be allocated to the presale and 20% to the staking rewards. The rest will go to development, liquidity, marketing and ecosystem. Make sure to follow Race to a Billion on X and join their telegram group for more details.

Launch Date July 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Starting Price N/A
Current Price $0.00755
Raised So Far $144k+

Visit Race to a Billion

13. Healix (HLX) – Upcoming Crypto Project Decentralizing Healthcare

Healix is a groundbreaking crypto project decentralizing healthcare with its $HLX token. Leveraging data science and AI, Healix aims to make healthcare more accessible and efficient. Users can schedule appointments, earn discounts, and access unique AI protocols through the $HLX token.

Healix website

The Healix app offers innovative features like tracking blood pressure via face scans and using AI to answer health-related questions from a trusted database. Token holders benefit from discounts and cashback rewards within the ecosystem, and the Smart Health Club provides exclusive access to premium features and staked token bonuses.

With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, 100 million are available in a public sale. Currently, $HLX is priced at $0.03 per token. For more information, read the Healix whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.

Launch Date March 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD
Chain Binance
Starting Price $0.03
Listing Price $0.03
Raised So Far $210,000+

Visit Healix

14. Gas Wizard (GWIZ) – New Crypto Ecosystem Lowering Fuel Costs

Gas Wizard is a promising new crypto ecosystem aiming to lower fuel costs for holders. By integrating blockchain technology, Gas Wizard builds a unique loyalty program for gas and EV charging stations using its native token, $GWIZ .

Gas Wizard presale website

Through $GWIZ, users can earn rewards, get discounts, and pay for fuel at partner stations. The token is currently in presale at $0.01, with 10 stages planned, each at a higher price. Although staking is not available yet, 15% of the total supply is allocated for future staking rewards, offering passive income opportunities.

Users can also earn $GWIZ by providing real-time gas prices to help find the cheapest fuel. Additionally, a play-to-earn mobile game is in development. For more details, follow Gas Wizard on X and join its Telegram channel.

Launch Date April 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, WBTC, WETH, USDC, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Starting Price $0.01
Current Price $0.01
Raised So Far $80,000+

Visit Gas Wizard

15. Choc (CHOC) – First High-Potential Food-Themed Crypto

Choc is a new meme coin with a food theme. It aims to create a big sensation in the meme coin market. The presale started on June 28, offering sweet rewards to holders.

Choc token presale website

Transparency is Choc’s main value. It offers attractive rewards for token holders. For example, those ranked 101st to 200th get 1 SOL token. Higher ranks can win a PlayStation 5, iPhone 15 Pro Max, or a MacBook Pro. The top buyer wins a Tesla Model S Plaid.

Follow Choc on X and join the Telegram channel for updates and more information.

Launch Date June 2024
Purchase Methods SOL, ETH, USDT
Chain Solana
Starting Price N/D
Current Price N/D
Raised So Far N/D

Visit Choc

How to Find the New Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

Investors wanting the best possible crypto prices should get involved in projects in their infancy. This often means finding crypto before it lists on exchanges so that it still has high upside. Below, we discuss the best ways to find new cryptocurrencies to invest in.

  • Research New Crypto Launches and Presales

Crypto presales offer an attractive opportunity to buy new cryptocurrencies at a very early stage, usually at a guaranteed price. This protects you from slippage and significant price impact when buying, making them much easier to invest in compared to a new coin launched on a DEX.

Since most presale projects start with a very low market cap, this means that they can have a potentially higher upside compared to coins that have already listed, making that even a small investment could yield substantial returns.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is essentially the same as a presale — an early sale of new cryptocurrency tokens at a discounted rate to raise project development funds. Finding new crypto to buy is made easier with upcoming ICO calendars, which can give you the opportunity to get in at the very lowest price.

CryptoNews maintains a curated list of the top crypto ICOs at any given time, filtering out the low quality projects and ranking them according to our in-depth methodology. You can see details such as how much they have raised, the current price and the available purchase methods.

View Upcoming ICOs

  • Stay Active on X (Formerly Twitter) and Follow Key Crypto Influencers

X or ‘Crypto Twitter’ as it was long known, has always been on the forefront of crypto discussion and is widely regarded as the social media home of crypto. The short-form content melds seamlessly with the ever-changing crypto world, as the constant new updates and news are presented in an easy-to-digest format.

There are thousands of so-called ‘crypto influencers‘ on X, but even regular celebrities often throw their hat in the ring and contribute to the discussion, even endorsing their own projects. X is the place to be to spot new cryptocurrencies early. However, ensure that you follow trusted crypto accounts on X to avoid scams.

  • Watch New Listings on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The best crypto exchanges advertise new coin listings well in advance to ensure sufficient liquidity the day the coin starts trading. One advantage of this method for finding new cryptocurrency is that exchanges typically vet the project before listing, ensuring legitimacy.

Another key advantage of buying new crypto when it launches on an exchange is the possibility of getting the lowest prices. When the rest of the market enters, the demand increases the coin’s value, providing early investors with solid returns. You can use a filter on the platform to search for specific types of cryptocurrencies.

  • Watch Crypto YouTubers for New Coin Coverage

Another emerging platform for discussion in the crypto space is YouTube, where there are many influencers that focus on covering exciting new cryptos and analysing their investment merit. Watching crypto YouTubers is a good idea to see more in-depth breakdowns of particular coins and is an effective way to conduct further research and do your own due diligence.

  • Participate in Active Crypto Subreddits

Reddit is underrated platform for finding new crypto gems. Certain Subreddits have intricate breakdowns of new coins and active discussion surrounding their credibility. It’s particularly effective for scam-checking and for getting a second opinion on a particular coin if you aren’t completely sure if something is legit. Some Subreddits to join for discovering new cryptos are:

  • r/CryptoCurrency
  • r/CryptoMoonShots
  • r/ethtrader
  • Join Exclusive Telegram Gem Hunting Groups

Crypto Telegram groups vary drastically in terms of quality. The more exclusive ones can sometimes provide a great opportunity to collaborate with other likeminded crypto investors to find exciting new cryptos to invest in. The highest quality discussions take place in paid groups, but there are plenty of good free announcement channels that you can use to stay on top of new crypto launches.

  • Monitor DEXTools to Discover Trending New Cryptos

DEXTools is great for spotting trending new cryptocurrencies based on the level of trading activity. It can help you identify an initial list of coins to investigate further, showing useful details such as the market cap and trading volume for each coin.

However, this should only serve as your first layer of research in discovering new coins. You should still carry out further due diligence to avoid honeypot traps and copycat scams. Meme coins are especially prominent here, as this coin type can garner momentum extremely quickly.

Methodology: How We Ranked The Top New Crypto Projects

With thousands of new crypto coins launching every month, it can be difficult to filter through the hordes of worthless coins to find the handful that have strong potential. New cryptocurrencies come with particularly high risk, as they have no proven proof-of-concept or track record.

Our team of crypto experts has analyzed over 100 new cryptocurrencies and put in over 200 hours of research to compile this top list, focusing on seven key data points as highlighted below to formulate our rankings.

Price Potential (25%)

  • With the launch of new crypto projects comes both excitement and uncertainty surrounding how the coin’s price will perform. We analyzed each coin’s price potential to measure the risk-reward ratio of each investment opportunity.
  • In order to determine which coins have the highest price potential, we compared their current market capitalization to what it could feasibly reach based on comparable competitors and trading activity.

Growth in Number of Token Holders (20%)

  • The speed at which a new crypto project attracts new investors is a key metric in assessing its future expected performance. This can be measured by the total number of holders a coin has or the total amount raised if its still in an ICO stage.
  • We measure this change on a weekly basis, evaluating how much the total number of token holders or raised amount has changed within that timespan.

Social Media Presence & Traction (20%)

  • We analyzed the level of traction each new project has on social media, serving as an indicator as to whether it has the potential to become a top trending coin.
  • Crypto projects with a high number of social media followers on platforms such as X and a high number of daily mentions are effectively harnessing community engagement. This is a key metric we looked at to predict the long-term performance of the coin.

Quality of Use Cases (15%)

  • Evaluating a project’s use cases and technology ensures it offers unique solutions and practical applications. We analyze whitepapers, technical documentation, and development updates to assess innovation and problem-solving potential.
  • For instance, projects like Ethereum introduced smart contracts, revolutionizing blockchain utility. We use metrics like development activity, GitHub commits, and peer reviews to conduct our analysis.

Roadmap and Milestones (10%)

  • Assessing a project’s roadmap and milestones reveals its strategic vision and commitment to goals. We review timelines, milestone achievements, and future plans to gauge feasibility and progress.
  • For example, successfully meeting deadlines like mainnet launches can indicate reliability. We track progress through public updates, development logs, and third-party verifications to ensure a reliable evaluation.

Liquidity Potential (10%)

  • Liquidity is essential for smooth transactions and to attract investors. We analyze trading volume, exchange listings, and token supply by using data from exchanges, liquidity pools, and trading platforms.
  • For presales, we assess whether there are sufficient plans in place to give investors the ability to exit upon listing without excessive slippage. This includes the amount committed to liquidity and the number of planned exchange listings.

Alignment with Current Trends (10%)

  • Niches in the crypto market go in and out of trend frequently. New crypto projects in parts of the market that are currently trending are more likely to experience a strong initial performance. Therefore we added a multiplier to new coins that have launched in top trending sectors.
  • To determine the trending crypto market sectors, we analyze the total change in market capitalization of the particular coin type over the last 30 days, with top-performing coin types likely to receive a boost in our rankings.

The Advantages of Buying New Cryptocurrencies

New cryptocurrencies can offer some of the most exciting investment opportunities, with each new coin having the potential to be the next crypto to explode. However, besides the thrill of investing in new projects, there are some fundamental advantages to buying new cryptocurrencies over well-established ones.

More Upside Potential

New crypto tokens typically start with a low market cap, meaning that it’s significantly easier for their prices to increase in terms of the trading volume required.

For example, here’s what would need to happen if you were aiming to double your money with a new low cap crypto vs a more established crypto:

Coin A Example (A New Crypto)

  • An investor buys a new cryptocurrency called ‘Coin A’ while it only has a market cap of $1 million.
  • In order for the investor to see a 2x return on their investment, the market cap would need to increase from $1 million to $2 million.

Coin B Example (An Established Crypto)

  • Meanwhile, another investor buys an established crypto called ‘Coin B’ which already has a market cap of $500 million.
  • In order to see a 2x return on their investment, the market cap would need to increase from $500 million to $1 billion.

While in the example of Coin A, an increase of $1 million in the market capitalization would yield a 100% return, a $1 million increase for Coin B would only give a 0.2% return. The market cap of Coin B would need to increase by 500x as much to generate the same return for the investor.

Opportunity to Buy Before Major Exchange Listings

When a new cryptocurrency achieves a listing on a major exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance, there is a big chance that the price will surge when the announcement is made. This is because listings on crypto exchanges give new cryptocurrencies a degree of legitimacy and the coin is exposed to hundreds of thousands of new traders on that exchange.

Crypto exchange listings can be difficult for a new crypto project to achieve because they are expensive, often have strict vetting requirements, and require a large amount of liquidity to be put up by the team. Therefore, when an exchange listing is announced, this is generally very bullish for the crypto project.

You can find new new cryptocurrencies that are likely to be listed on exchanges by:

  1. Investing in crypto presales: Highest potential upside, but the coin will be illiquid until it gets a DEX listing. Make sure that CEX listings are within the project’s roadmap if this is your strategy.
  2. Buying coins listed on DEXs: Coins already listed on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap are prime targets to receive CEX listings. Ensure that the coin had a strong launch and that the team is conducting an active marketing campaign.

New Coins Can Ride The Momentum of Top Trends

In the constantly evolving world of crypto, different trends are always emerging. New coins provide fresh opportunities to capitalize on crypto market sectors that are performing well. Examples of trends that have surged in 2024 where new coins have gained significant momentum include:

Staying on top of crypto trends and choosing to buy new coins in a trending sector significantly increases the probability of strong price action after launching.

Access High Staking APYs After Buying

It is very common for new cryptocurrencies to offer high staking APYs after they launch as a way of rewarding early investors and encouraging people to hold the tokens.

If your investment strategy is to wait for an exchange listing or you have decided to hold until the coin reaches a certain price, staking can provide you with an additional return on your investment while you wait to sell.

Always check what the lockup period is when staking tokens. There may be a set amount of time you have to wait before you can claim your tokens again. This is an especially effective strategy if you have a long-term investment horizon.

The Downsides of Investing in New Cryptocurrencies

While there are numerous advantages of investing in new crypto, there is also a higher degree of risk associated with it. Here are some of the main downsides to be aware of before you decide to buy any new cryptocurrencies.

High Probability of Failure

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most new cryptocurrencies will eventually fail in the long run. While this is also the case with real-world companies, success can switch to failure much quicker in the world of crypto due to market volatility, risk of smart contract hacks, and prevalence of bad actors.

This is why you should only invest in new coins that you have a high degree of conviction in. Ideally, you should set take-profit targets for each of your investments. Locking in profits is a smart move in crypto, as so much can change in a short time.

Increased Risk of Scams

When investing in new crypto, there is unfortunately a much higher risk of falling for a crypto scam due to the prevalence of bad actors in the space. While new cryptocurrencies can offer higher rewards, they also come with much higher risk.

Some different types of crypto scams associated with new cryptocurrencies include:

  • Honeypots: This is where tokens are launched but investors are blocked from selling. Spot these by using a honeypot detector.
  • Phishing: The creation of fake sites emulating legitimate projects and other malicious attempts to drain your wallet. Always double check URLs and don’t connect your wallet to unknown websites.
  • Rug pulls: Where developers create a new token and remove all of the liquidity after investors have flooded in, stealing it all for themselves. Avoid crypto rug pulls by keeping clear of projects with unrealistic promises and a lack of transparency.

It can be a good practice to use a new crypto wallet when participating in presales in order to keep the rest of your crypto funds segregated.

Limited Funding and Resources for Development

Most new cryptocurrency projects are launched by small teams with limited resources, meaning that it is difficult for them to commit to an ambitious roadmap in the long run. While development might be active at first, this can often fade off as the team runs out of funds. Otherwise they may be forced to sell tokens in order to fund more development, which can have a negative impact on price.

You should be skeptical of new coins that make big promises in their roadmap in years to come, as very few projects make it that far and are able to stick to the original plan. This is especially true of meme coins, which often have little to no utility.

Conclusion: What’s the Top New Crypto Coin in 2024?

Investors are continuously searching for the next big crypto project. As such, today’s guide has reviewed and ranked the best new crypto coins and upcoming crypto projects to invest in. It’s a wise idea to create a diverse portfolio to spread risk and to research individual assets thoroughly.

Our pick for the best new cryptocurrency in 2024 is Pepe Unchained. It combines Pepe’s meme coin charm with vast utility and double staking yields, offering opportunities to earn $PEPU passively. Early investors benefit from up to 3,226% in annual staking rewards.

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What are crypto launches?

A crypto launch introduces a new cryptocurrency or project through methods like ICOs, IEOs, STOs, airdrops, forks, or project launches, to raise funds, distribute tokens, or introduce new technologies.

What is the best new cryptocurrency to invest in?

The best new cryptocurrency to invest in is Pepe Unchained, a new Ethereum Layer-2 project, combining memes with various use cases, including reducing gas fees, offering faster transaction finality, free bridging between Pepe and Ethereum, and double staking rewards.

What are the newest crypto coins?

Some of the newest crypto coins include Pepe Unchained, WienerAI, PlayDoge, Base Dawgz, and Shiba Shootout. These upcoming crypto projects are all in their presale stage and not yet available to buy on exchanges.

What is the best up and coming crypto?

Pepe Unchained is the best up-and-coming crypto due to its vast utility, double staking yields, and meme coin charm, attracting a broad user base.

What cryptos will go up in 2024?

There is no sure answer on what new cryptos will go up in 2024. The best thing to do is carry out thorough research. Investors can look at how well-received the project is so far, and only allocate small amounts to upcoming crypto coins.

Where can I find newly launched crypto?

There are multiple ways to find newly launched crypto projects. This includes researching presale cryptos, keeping tabs on ICO calendars, looking on social media platforms, and checking popular exchanges for the newest cryptocurrency tokens.


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